Crikey Blazer by Artful Dodger @ Karmaloop

by Andy on December 10, 2007


Now this is a lot more what I expect when I think of Artful Dodger, and even though I can admit that the patterns on this blazer and the tee I mentioned on Thursday are actually pretty similar, it feels like a whole different ball-game to be audacious enough to put that kind of pattern onto what is generally considered quite a dressy item.

Even though I don’t think that I quite have the cajones to wear this, I do kinda like it, even if it is just in a “people that wear streetwear are crazy” kind of way. If you click through you’ll see that the blazer has a burgundly lining with pink trim, which contrats really well with the white. Oh, and whilst I like it, I don’t necessarily $200 like it (which is circa $100 off the original price).

Costiness=$202.99 Link

  • Shannon

    Ia this blazer available to buy in 4X??? its for christmas

  • Jorge

    this isnt o stock at Karmaloop no more and i want it really bad!

  • Ken

    Anybody know where I can get this blazer?

  • Mitch

    Yo this blazer is sick, where can i grab one though?!

  • Mark

    i have one brand new never worn still has tag on it £600 if any one wants it as i brought it and was never too keen on it and didnt suit anything i put on with it let me know if anyone wants it and i’ll drop a email.

  • Andy

    You want $960ish dollars for a jacket that originally cost $202.99 at Karmaloop? (granted, you may have paid more for it)

  • Mark

    yeah lol i paid a lot of shipping tax on it as well robbing punks and plus been on the net searching this Blazer and they are none for sale and they are super rare i probably be kicking myself once i sell it that i didnt keep it.

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