Just Another Pointless Skull Shirt by KeinGeschenk

by Andy on December 12, 2007


Its not often that I’ll look at a tee and lol, and its even less often that I’ll actually write ‘lol’, so the Germans at KeinGeschenk really achieved something with this design, bravo!

I think that skulls might be on the way out a bit in terms of tee designs, obviously they’ll always be a popular item to be used in designs, but I think there has just been so many of them in the recent past that there’s been a bit of skull overload. I don’t know how well this tee would come across to someone that isn’t interested in tees, I’m not sure they’d get the point, but I am interested in tees, so I think its awesome. And going beyond the actual joke, the shirt is nicely designed too, with the not-very-surprising (though thats probably the point) pink on black colourway and a well matched typeface.

Costiness=€25 Link

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