Review: el barcelona by inVIAGGIO

by Andy on December 12, 2007


Barcelona is probably one of my most visited (contintental) European cities, I think I’ve been there about five times, yet I’ve never actually spent a night in the city (the nightlife is amazing, apparently), its always been day trips from other holiday resorts, or stopping off on a cruise. I think I’ve seen pretty much all of Barcelona’s major attractions, but I certainly haven’t seen the more hidden aspects of Spain’s second city.


That’s kind of where inVIAGGIO comes in. I always think that the aspects of travel that I enjoy most aren’t the obvious ones, and they’ve followed this train of thought when it comes to their location-inspired tees. What’s the most famous landmark in Barcelona? The Sagrada Familia, right? So why isn’t that on the front of this long-sleeve tee? Because that’s waaaayy too obvious and will make you look like a tourist (even if you are one, you don’t want people to know!). They’ve gone for that little thing that you notice, that you will forever associate with that place and your experience. For me, that was having hot chocolate and churros at breakfast one time, I don’t know why, for inVIAGGIO its… whatever this thing is. A warning sign? Something from a bus stop? I guess that really it doesn’t matter, its whatever you want it to be. Their whole range of tees is based upon this kind of thought-process, and I think it does give a bit more depth to each design, though it should noted that ‘el barcelona’ is probably the most abstract of the designs, to me, at least.


Let’s talk quality. This is a quality product, I want to make that clear from the off, the 50/50 tee from Alternative Apparel’s vintage soft line is indeed very soft, and has a lovely worn-in feel. But, it is thin, they’ve gone for the burnt out look, and it works really well, I like the black/grey/white palette, but if I were a Hollywood starlet I wouldn’t be wearing it anywhere that the paparazzi’s flash bulbs could see me if you know what I mean. Although, when my brother put it on (the Andyman is not a friend of medium sizes) you certainly could not see anything that you might not necessarily want to be showing off (… your nipples), so that fear is probably a bit misplaced in my head. The print is quite rough, which I’m sure is a feature since it fits in well with their aesthetic, and feels as if it should last pretty well.

Costiness=$45 Link (Flash site, the tee is pretty easy to find in their shop)

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  • Joe

    Heh, I like how you clarify what you’re talking about: ‘(… your nipples)’. Kind of defeats the point of all that euphemism, doesn’t it?

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