Vampire Teeth by Glarkware

by Andy on December 12, 2007


Hurray, here comes another hoodie that has meaning behind it!

In their blurb, Glarkware have three decent sized paragraphs, at least in terms of product description, going on (and on) about how people get boxed into… boxes, people deciding who they are, judging books from their covers, that kind of thing. The last sentence in the blurb is:

This hoodie lets everyone know that although they may think they have a handle on you, all it takes to change your image is a set of plastic fangs.

Now, that’s a nice statement, and I like the way that they’ve made a message-based design without ramming it down your throat (whilst combining it with a lovely rasterised image). But, I can’t help but think that if someone saw me wearing this hoodie they’d just ask “dude, where’s there a pair of vampire teeth on your hoodie?”

Costiness=$35 Link

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