Review: Lightning & Safety Pins by Your Eyes Lie

by Andy on December 14, 2007


Usually, I like to kick off reviews with a little story or memory, just because I like to personalise these things a bit. Unfortunately, I have no stories about safety pins, and any story about lightning would probably be pretty terrible without any pics attached, so I guess I’m going to put on my rarely worn hat of professionalism and dive straight into the meat of the review.


The design? I don’t get it, but then again, taking a look at the rest of Your Eyes Lie‘s tees, there’s quite a few of them that I don’t get, so I’m not really worried about that, they’re just operating on a different plane (plain?) to me. Not getting it doesn’t stop me from liking it though, its simple, its stark, and the colours contrast just as much as the two subjects of the print, hey, maybe that’s what it means! There’s a really attractive dirty style to a lot of their designs, and a kind of rock n’ roll arrogance that


Quality: impressive, its a bit thicker than your usual tee, but that doesn’t seem to make it feel any less flexible than its less weightier brethren, though I guess it could be a bit less breathable during the summer months, but its not exactly the right weather at the moment for me to test that. Size wise, the tees run small compared to ‘regular’ sizings, so order a size up if you aren’t into showing off what you’ve got! The water-based ink feels like quality as well, and I can imagine it gaining a decent vintage look after a few washes.

One thing about this tee to note, I can’t actually find anywhere you can buy it. Your Eyes Lie are selling this exclusively through Urban Outfitters, and I can’t find it on either the UK or US site, so presumably its just not available yet, if/when I find out when it is available I’ll drop in the real link to the tee, but for now consider this a review of YEL overall, and the review has two thumbs way up.

Costiness=£?? Link

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