Three Finger of Scotch by Kindred

by Andy on December 14, 2007


Let it be said, the guys over at Kindred have absolutely no fear when it comes to making bizarre designs and pairing them with equally odd descriptions:

When bartering with a cannibal it is important to note that they take things very literally especially when it comes to payment. Godfrey learned this lesson the hard way after bartering for some shrunken heads in exchange for goat cheese and three fingers of Scotch. The cannibal mistaking him for a Scotsman came to collect payment. Godfrey protested and claimed to be French Canadian at which point the cannibal cackled away his protestations and produced a bone saw.

Waaahhhhh??? Ok gang, educate me, is this a film reference that I’m just not getting?

Costiness=$59 Link (not available for purchase at time of writing)

  • Kevin

    I really like this jacket. The purple – American Apparel = epic

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