Torteau Suisse by LaFraise

by Andy on December 17, 2007


So, are the Americans that make up the vast majority of the readership of this blog getting a little sick of me continually posting the excellent tees that LaFraise are offering in Europe whilst their US store remains pretty static in terms of its content? Yeah, well, lets just consider this a bit of payback for us having to pay over the odds for shipping most of the time.

Oh, and LaFraise is selling hoodies now, including that rather cool ‘Reservoir Colours‘ design that I mentioned a little while back, but I’m afraid I think its already sold out, but still, its nice to see the Strawberry getting in on the sleeved action this winter.

Costiness=€22 Link

P.S. Isn’t that model just straight-up hotness? Threadspot, if you’re doing a follow-up

  • threadspot

    Damn, Andrew. Who is that starlet? She deserves a list of her own!! *Grrrowl!* :)

  • Andy

    From the looks of the blog over at LaFraise even the guys there aren’t too sure! Get sleuthing, but don’t make it creepy!

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