Vampire Career Fair by Seibei

by Andy on December 21, 2007


David from Seibei certainly has been busy recently, hitting up craft fairs all-over the US and recently releasing a few new designs. You’d have thought that since this is a blog I’d go for the most google juice possible and write about his recent collaboration with Derek M. Ballard, who’s an illustrator, not a contestant on Project Runway as I wrote in the original version of this post, that’s another collaboration entirely! Or I’d finally point out yet another design in which Seibei show their love for all things zombie with the tee ‘Thriller Was A Documentary‘ which has zombie Michael Jackson looking better than he does in real life, whilst kicking out a nice little reference to Romero’s Dawn of the Dead.

But for me, ‘Vampire Career Fair‘ tops those two, the large block of red drips contrasts so well with the white tee, the positioning of the text with that solid black background, and the characters that feel more like they should be in a graphic novel than on a t-shirt. Its just so well put together, all the pieces just fall into place to produce an excellent design that works great as a tee.

Costiness=$22 Link (you might get 10% off your order with the code hideyourarms, I can’t remember)

  • David

    no no no the Project Runway thing is totally different Derek M Ballard is an illustrator. thanks for the nod though, but please correct it.

  • David

    also thanks for the nice words about the design, I appreciate it!

  • Brad

    I feel this may be my fault for saying it the first time. …Sorry, David and Andy.

  • Andy

    Yep, 100% Brad’s fault, he’s trying to bring down the HYA empire one pop culture reference at a time!

    My bad too, of course, I should have at least googled Derek so that I knew what I was talking about.

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