HYA x Mauve Christmas Giveaway! The winners!

by Andy on December 26, 2007

Is your heart beating? Are you gonna scroll down and see your name on the winners list? Regretting not entering now? Wishing you hadn’t eaten so much Turkey on Christmas day?

Okay, here is how I worked out the winners, since if British TV has taught me anything over the past year, transparency is a must when it comes to competitions. At the end of each day I made up a list of all the entries and numbered them. They were numbered because I decided that the fairest (and easiest) way that I could create a random drawing would be to use a random number generator. I used random.org. I know that it can be argued that these generators can never truly be random, but I felt that for the purposes of this giveaway that it would be random enough especially as Random.org make a big fuss about offering truly random numbers. I then asked the generator to pick one integer for me between 1 and however many entries that there were for each day. Since the rules stated that any individual could only win one time (let’s share the wealth, comrades!), and lots of people entered on multiple days, after someone won I marked their entries on subsequent days as ineligible, and if their number came up in the random number generator I would generate for that day until a number was produced of someone that hadn’t previously been a winner. I think that explains the process, hopefully you think it was as fair as I could have reasonably managed.

I think I’ve teased you enough, here’s the winners:

Day 1 (The Quiet Life): Johnson Le

Day 2 (The Hundreds): Michelle Lee

Day3 (Cosby): Kevin D

Day 4 (Stussy): Matthew John Greten

Day 5 (One People Project): Menachem Katz

Day 6 (Crooks & Castles): Daniel Noir

Day 7 (Obey): Joe Wasserman

Congratulations guys! If you have sent me your size & address already, there’s no need to send it again, but if you haven’t, please do, otherwise Mauve won’t know where to send your tee. I’ll be sending off the winners details to Mauve in the next few days so I think you can probably expect to see your tees sometime early in the New Year. Thanks to all who took part, and big, big, big thanks to Mauve who went above and beyond the call of duty by giving away tees from some great streetwear labels.

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