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December 2007

242 Hubble Serie by Plus41

by Andy on December 19, 2007


Plus41, who haven’t been on HYA for a long time, have put out a great range called “242 Hubble Serie”, that looks pretty damned incredible. I’ve got no idea what the quality of these pieces is, but I would like to think that the guys over at Plus41 have the ability to translate the beauty of these images into equally beautiful garments. You can check them all out in their column over at Highsnobriety, there’s a couple of really cool looking skateboard decks that I imagine would look pretty fine on my wall.

Costiness=€39 Link

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Comrade M65 by Orisue @ Karmaloop

by Andy on December 18, 2007


There’s been a call for coats/jackets in the past, and this one from Orisue is pretty freakin’ sweet. There’s an injection of military elements without getting that stereotypical ‘politics student that think they’re the next Che Guevara’ look. The little metal embellishments do kick this piece up a notch, just a little bit of flash swimming in a sea of black to give some extra interest.

Costiness=$120 Link


Dead End by Playmoo @ French Loser

by Andy on December 18, 2007


French Loser are really impressing me at the moment, they’ve been putting out some great designs and Dead End by Nicolas Kossbu (aka Playmoo) is no exception. Its colourful, it has a retro feel to it without being annoyingly retro, its printed on American Apparel and if my weak French is accurate, there’s only going to be 45 of these bad boys available for purchase.

Costiness=€22 Link (Free shipping until December 24th)


Fern hoodie by Miss Mosh @ Etsy

by Andy on December 18, 2007


Like ferns? Like elbow patches? Really, you like elbow patches? Then have I got the hoodie for you… if you’re a girl.

Yeah, elbow patches, I know, who does them anymore, eh? I think they look pretty cool with the blue thread running around the edge matching the blue of the print, and its nice how the print kind of wraps around onto the shoulder, keeping it flowing organically.

Costiness=$52 (printed on AA) Link

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As was mentioned earlier in todays Cotton Filter, a bit of a mix up on my end has meant that the first day of the giveaway has been extended by 24 hours, so thanks to those of you that got your e-mail in today, its a lot of fun seeing where you guys are from. And to those of you that haven’t sent an e-mail yet, why the devil not?

So, in case you missed it yesterday, here’s how this goes down: Send an e-mail to which has your tee size and mailing address in it (but if you forget we’ll get in touch if you are a winner) and the subject Day 1 up until 23:59 (PST) tonight (December 18th) and your name will be put into the hat to win a random tee from Mauve Online‘s selection of goods from The Quiet Life. Then the whole process starts again a couple of minutes later with a new brand and a fresh giveaway.

Read the full rules here (.doc link) and if you would rather not download the file, see the rules at this Google Docs page, please note this contest is only open to people from the US and the EU.



Black on black, doesn’t really get much darker than that does it?

I’m not actually the biggest fan of Star Wars, I enjoyed the films (mostly), but I didn’t think that they were that good. Flame on!

Oh, and its pretty hard to see in the photo, but there is black text under the Darth Vader patch that says ‘Dark Side of the Fours’, again, black on black… badass.

Costiness=$100 Link


Molotov Yuletide_Tee Image for JS site copy.jpg

Josh Spear, the guy behind the uber design blog,, took time out from being jetset and collaborated on a tee with our friends over at MomiMomi, the non-subscription wing of the HYA reviewed Momi Momi TEeA Party. The result is the somewhat festive ‘Molotov Yuletide’, but thankfully its not so festive that it will be locked away in your wardrobe for the majority of the year.

The $45 price point (inc. US shipping) did seem to be an issue for some people, with one blog comment telling JS to “get over yourself”, so he’s decided to give all his profits from the tee to a charity that will be decided by readers. I would imagine that since its limited to 100 pieces that it will be gone fairly quick, so no dilly-dallying!

Related JS post, Molotov Yuletide @ Momi Momi


And when I say hurry up that’s because if you’re buying things to put under brightly-lit highly flammable trees then you’re gonna have to move pretty quick unless you want to be a chump and pay for fast delivery later in the week.

HYA x Mauve Christmas Giveaways: Because of an error on my part (organising a contest when the people involved are eight timezones apart can be a little troublesome), day one of the the Christmas giveaways is actually going to last for two days. The next stage of the competition will be kicking off at 00:01 PST Wednesday 19th December.

Glass Boutique: Who wants a 25% off their order? You? Yes, you! You can get 25% off everything in their store using the coupon code GLASS DEC07 until 21/12/07, which is their last day of posting before they presumably take a well deserved Christmas break.

Threadless: Their Ho-Ho-Holiday sale is being extended until Wednesday 19th December so you’ve got a few more days to pick up what is still a surprisingly large range of tees.

Palmer Cash: Order by Thursday to receive your tees by the 25th. I’m presuming that this message only applies to the mainland US, and that us international people have missed the cut off.

Fred Flare: Today is the last day that you can get free US ground shipping at Fred Flare using the coupon code staffpicks.1207. After that you’re gonna have to pay if you want your bandages that look like bacon to arrive before Chris Cringle does.

Tobi: Are you looking a bit more at the high-end for your gift buying? Tobi are offering free overnight delivery (and free giftwrap) when you spend more than $250 on your order. How on earth do you have free overnight shipping in a country the size of America, isn’t that just a little bit mind-blowing? No coupon code, the discount is automatically applied at checkout, and is valid from now until 5PM (PST) on 21/12/07. Oh, and you can get 25% off full-priced items using the coupon code PERFECTGIFT.

Resist Today: They’ve got 19 one-of-a-kind wallets available that look really-rather-lovely. Christmas order cutoff is Wednesday 19th (US orders only).

Oak Aquarium: This emporium of all things awesome is offering 20% off your order until New Years (I think, the date isn’t totally clear) with the code EGUG6 which needs to be inputted at the discount line during the check out. US orders need to be placed by Tuesday night (December 18th) to have a shot at arriving before Xmas.

Pretty Hammer: A quick note from the PH guys:

We just released some Holiday Cards that are pretty sweet. 5 free with the purchase of any shirt or the cards are also for sale on their own as well.

Random Shirts: Their range of funny tees is available for just $8 a bargain, which is a crazy price point that I can’t see going on for very long. Order by the 19th for Christmas shipping.

Owl Movement: They’ve got new pillows available and their button packs have been restocked.


Torteau Suisse by LaFraise

by Andy on December 17, 2007


So, are the Americans that make up the vast majority of the readership of this blog getting a little sick of me continually posting the excellent tees that LaFraise are offering in Europe whilst their US store remains pretty static in terms of its content? Yeah, well, lets just consider this a bit of payback for us having to pay over the odds for shipping most of the time.

Oh, and LaFraise is selling hoodies now, including that rather cool ‘Reservoir Colours‘ design that I mentioned a little while back, but I’m afraid I think its already sold out, but still, its nice to see the Strawberry getting in on the sleeved action this winter.

Costiness=€22 Link

P.S. Isn’t that model just straight-up hotness? Threadspot, if you’re doing a follow-up



HYA has teamed up with Mauve, the streetwear retailer that you should all know a lot more about, to give away a tee every day this week from their impressive range of brands.

As you may well have guessed, we’re kicking things off with a brand that have been written about on HYA since the early days, The Quiet Life.

There’s no need for any photoshop trickery this time around, just e-mail your tee size and address to with the subject Day 1 and your name will be put into the hat for todays draw. Since Mauve are based in California this contest is going to be running on Pacific time, so if you want to win a random tee from Mauve’s selection of Quiet Life goods, you’ve got until midnight tonight PST to get that e-mail in.

Keep your eyes peeled all week for more giveaways!

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Usually, I like to kick off reviews with a little story or memory, just because I like to personalise these things a bit. Unfortunately, I have no stories about safety pins, and any story about lightning would probably be pretty terrible without any pics attached, so I guess I’m going to put on my rarely worn hat of professionalism and dive straight into the meat of the review.


The design? I don’t get it, but then again, taking a look at the rest of Your Eyes Lie‘s tees, there’s quite a few of them that I don’t get, so I’m not really worried about that, they’re just operating on a different plane (plain?) to me. Not getting it doesn’t stop me from liking it though, its simple, its stark, and the colours contrast just as much as the two subjects of the print, hey, maybe that’s what it means! There’s a really attractive dirty style to a lot of their designs, and a kind of rock n’ roll arrogance that


Quality: impressive, its a bit thicker than your usual tee, but that doesn’t seem to make it feel any less flexible than its less weightier brethren, though I guess it could be a bit less breathable during the summer months, but its not exactly the right weather at the moment for me to test that. Size wise, the tees run small compared to ‘regular’ sizings, so order a size up if you aren’t into showing off what you’ve got! The water-based ink feels like quality as well, and I can imagine it gaining a decent vintage look after a few washes.

One thing about this tee to note, I can’t actually find anywhere you can buy it. Your Eyes Lie are selling this exclusively through Urban Outfitters, and I can’t find it on either the UK or US site, so presumably its just not available yet, if/when I find out when it is available I’ll drop in the real link to the tee, but for now consider this a review of YEL overall, and the review has two thumbs way up.

Costiness=£?? Link

42.jpg 52.jpg 62.jpg 71.jpg

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Sharp by Print Brigade

by Andy on December 14, 2007


Another design from my current brand-crush, Print Brigade, because, well, just look at it!

Oh, and get 10% off at the checkout with the coupon code HOLIDAY until Christmas Day.

Costiness=$16 Link

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Three Finger of Scotch by Kindred

by Andy on December 14, 2007


Let it be said, the guys over at Kindred have absolutely no fear when it comes to making bizarre designs and pairing them with equally odd descriptions:

When bartering with a cannibal it is important to note that they take things very literally especially when it comes to payment. Godfrey learned this lesson the hard way after bartering for some shrunken heads in exchange for goat cheese and three fingers of Scotch. The cannibal mistaking him for a Scotsman came to collect payment. Godfrey protested and claimed to be French Canadian at which point the cannibal cackled away his protestations and produced a bone saw.

Waaahhhhh??? Ok gang, educate me, is this a film reference that I’m just not getting?

Costiness=$59 Link (not available for purchase at time of writing)

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Sweet Dreams by I See France

by Andy on December 13, 2007


Well, this isn’t going to be at all awkward. Me, a young guy who doesn’t have a girlfriend looking at an underwear site, and thinking that he should tell women what underwear to buy…

But! I See France aren’t exactly Agent Provocateur, they sell ‘cute underthings’, and I wouldn’t feel like I should stand outside their store if I’d been dragged in there by a friend. Okay, is that enough justification that I’m not a pervert?

They’ve also get a great big sale going on across the site, with some of their underoos going for the rock bottom price of $6, because nothing says ‘i love you’ like $6 underwear as a Christmas gift!

Costiness=$23 (top) $20 (shorts) Link


Clouds by Print Brigade

by Andy on December 13, 2007


I don’t know why, but I’ve been sitting on posting Print Brigade for a few months after finding them on Flickr, saving them for a rainy day of designs perhaps. In retrospect, that’s pretty stupid, they’ve got amazing designs and I should have posted them as soon as I found out about them.

Anyway, I really love their style, and this hoodie is just the tip of the iceberg, click on through for all the goodness.

Costiness=$35 Link

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French People by Swampfactory @ LaFraise

by Andy on December 13, 2007


I don’t think I would have dared to wear this on either of my past two trips to France, since they seemed to be frustrated enough by my inability to speak fluent French (ever tried ordering a mosquito blind when apparently you don’t know what either word is?) without me wearing a tee with every French stereotype there is on it, but it doesn’t stop me thinking that its a cool design now that I’m in the safety of northern England. Although, I guess that since it was designed by a Frenchman its all tongue in cheek, although it seems a little odd to me that all the words are written in English rather than French.

Costiness=€22 Link: Blue, Gold


Review: el barcelona by inVIAGGIO

by Andy on December 12, 2007


Barcelona is probably one of my most visited (contintental) European cities, I think I’ve been there about five times, yet I’ve never actually spent a night in the city (the nightlife is amazing, apparently), its always been day trips from other holiday resorts, or stopping off on a cruise. I think I’ve seen pretty much all of Barcelona’s major attractions, but I certainly haven’t seen the more hidden aspects of Spain’s second city.


That’s kind of where inVIAGGIO comes in. I always think that the aspects of travel that I enjoy most aren’t the obvious ones, and they’ve followed this train of thought when it comes to their location-inspired tees. What’s the most famous landmark in Barcelona? The Sagrada Familia, right? So why isn’t that on the front of this long-sleeve tee? Because that’s waaaayy too obvious and will make you look like a tourist (even if you are one, you don’t want people to know!). They’ve gone for that little thing that you notice, that you will forever associate with that place and your experience. For me, that was having hot chocolate and churros at breakfast one time, I don’t know why, for inVIAGGIO its… whatever this thing is. A warning sign? Something from a bus stop? I guess that really it doesn’t matter, its whatever you want it to be. Their whole range of tees is based upon this kind of thought-process, and I think it does give a bit more depth to each design, though it should noted that ‘el barcelona’ is probably the most abstract of the designs, to me, at least.


Let’s talk quality. This is a quality product, I want to make that clear from the off, the 50/50 tee from Alternative Apparel’s vintage soft line is indeed very soft, and has a lovely worn-in feel. But, it is thin, they’ve gone for the burnt out look, and it works really well, I like the black/grey/white palette, but if I were a Hollywood starlet I wouldn’t be wearing it anywhere that the paparazzi’s flash bulbs could see me if you know what I mean. Although, when my brother put it on (the Andyman is not a friend of medium sizes) you certainly could not see anything that you might not necessarily want to be showing off (… your nipples), so that fear is probably a bit misplaced in my head. The print is quite rough, which I’m sure is a feature since it fits in well with their aesthetic, and feels as if it should last pretty well.

Costiness=$45 Link (Flash site, the tee is pretty easy to find in their shop)

41.jpg 51.jpg 61.jpg

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Happy Birthday Waterloo!

by Andy on December 12, 2007


Our friends over at Waterloo are celebrating their first birthday, and instead of receiving presents like the rest of us do, they’re actually giving them out in the form of a coupon code. If you want 10% off their fine designs, which are increasingly branching out beyond their previous realm of movie and music ‘re-imaginations’, if you’ll pardon my Tim Burton, then just input birthday at the appropriate time during checkout any time up until 11:59PM on December 14th (EST) and the discount will be applied. They’ve also redesigned their site very recently as well, so click on through to check that out.

Well done to them for getting through their first year, and huge thanks to them for being such great supporters of HYA.



Vampire Teeth by Glarkware

by Andy on December 12, 2007


Hurray, here comes another hoodie that has meaning behind it!

In their blurb, Glarkware have three decent sized paragraphs, at least in terms of product description, going on (and on) about how people get boxed into… boxes, people deciding who they are, judging books from their covers, that kind of thing. The last sentence in the blurb is:

This hoodie lets everyone know that although they may think they have a handle on you, all it takes to change your image is a set of plastic fangs.

Now, that’s a nice statement, and I like the way that they’ve made a message-based design without ramming it down your throat (whilst combining it with a lovely rasterised image). But, I can’t help but think that if someone saw me wearing this hoodie they’d just ask “dude, where’s there a pair of vampire teeth on your hoodie?”

Costiness=$35 Link



Its not often that I’ll look at a tee and lol, and its even less often that I’ll actually write ‘lol’, so the Germans at KeinGeschenk really achieved something with this design, bravo!

I think that skulls might be on the way out a bit in terms of tee designs, obviously they’ll always be a popular item to be used in designs, but I think there has just been so many of them in the recent past that there’s been a bit of skull overload. I don’t know how well this tee would come across to someone that isn’t interested in tees, I’m not sure they’d get the point, but I am interested in tees, so I think its awesome. And going beyond the actual joke, the shirt is nicely designed too, with the not-very-surprising (though thats probably the point) pink on black colourway and a well matched typeface.

Costiness=€25 Link


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