Threadless gets the SpearTalks treatment

by Andy on January 7, 2008


I was perusing my old bookmarks, when I noticed “SpearTalks: Threadless – Josh Spear“, and thought, “hey, people might like to read this!”

There aren’t any startling revelations, but if you need to brush up on your Threadless history and want to learn a bit more about the guys that run Threadless, its a pretty decent read, although some of the info is a little dated now since the interview is from last September.

One very interesting thing I picked up from the interview:

Threadless goes international… because we set up a partnership to have a mirror warehouse just north of London to better serve our European customers. We haven’t launched that, but the year ain’t over yet!

Was anyone else aware of this? Its certainly the first time that I’ve heard it mentioned. Hopefully this will lead to lower shipping charges for us EU dwellers and no more customs charges (like being charged £11 on £22 worth of goods – sickening!).

SpearTalks: Threadless

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