Back to the Old Skool: Retro Campaigns

by Andy on January 14, 2008

Wendell Willkie - Wings for America.jpg

I know it seems like every time I mention politics and t-shirts in the same sentence I’m disparaging to both the creators and the wearers, but I do think that there is a place in this world for tees that let people know what you think without the need to tell them. I guess my attitude to do with political tees is probably just the elitism that comes with studying politics for three years at University (I’ve read books, my opinion is infinitely more valid than yours!).

Retro Campaigns allays my uneasiness with political clothing by looking to the past, and since the past has past there’s no need to get worried about it (did I mention that my degree was in History too?). All the tees are based upon political campaigns from before I was even born, and they aren’t necessarily focused upon the most famous people in American history either (who the hell’s this Jimmy Carter guy?). All the American Apparel tees have been washed in a way to make the print look a bit aged, which fits in with the vintage aesthetic behind the brand. They aren’t too expensive either at $20 a pop.

Retro Campaigns

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