Review: C-Men by Chaunce Clothing

by Andy on January 26, 2008


This review is a bit late in its arrival for two reasons. Firstly, the post service in my area is totally lame (Christmas backlog my tuckus!), and secondly Chaunce took their site offline whilst they prepared for the launch of their second line, which became available yesterday, so make sure you check that out. This tee (and the second one that I’ll be reviewing in Monday), are both from what Chaunce call ‘Drop 1′, much of this first line is still available for sale, but we can look at this review as being an indicator of quality for Chaunce as a whole as well as of the tees.

So, these characters are, shall we say, somewhat familiar? I know what you’re thinking, but these aren’t the X-Men, oh no, these are the C-Men (no snickering at the back of the class!). But this is what Chaunce does, they take American icons and put their own little spin onto things, and use pretty damn nice colourways while they’re at it. I’m not really a comic book kind of guy, but I can appreciate the style of this kind of illustration, it lends itself well to being printed on a t-shirt, and the large “BOOM” printed on the back (check it in the pics at the bottom of the post) was a nice surprise when I took this tee out of the package

In terms of quality, we are looking at a top-notch product. I can’t recognise the stock tee, so it might be custom, wherever it came from I like it, quite thick and weighty, lovely and soft, sleeves about the right length, and the print sits on it real nice. The custom Chaunce tag inside the tee really adds to the product as a whole, as does their little gorilla tag on the sleeve. One thing to note for branding haters (beyond them having their name in the middle of the tee), there is a printed gorilla on the lower back corner of the tee, kinda like what Oddica do with their designs, its pretty unobstrusive and as logo’s go, a gorilla is pretty cool.Costiness=$24.99 Link
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