CMYK by KartGart @ Bountee

by Andy on January 29, 2008


I guess that for most people in the street this will just look like a cool, colourful tee, which is great, but what you’re really after is the nods of recognition from people that notice that the colours being used are cyan, magenta, yellow and black (why isn’t it CMYB?), the colours used in printing, which I guess is the second little joke since obviously this tee is printed using those colours.I wonder if this tee is actually quite hard to print for Bountee, since with mosr designs if you’re a bit off its not too important since people are usually looking at the design, whereas with this an accurate colour palette is crucial to completing the effect.

Costiness=$20.39 Link

  • Tim

    Your question may have been rhetorical but my understanding is it’s not CYMB because B is already used for blue in RGB.

  • Andy

    It wasn’t rhetorical, I was genuinely wondering, although apparently not enough to just google it!

  • Joe

    Bountee prints using DTG, which is basically like a giant inkjet printer for t-shirts, so they don’t need to worry about registration or anything. This shouldn’t be any harder for them to print than any other design!

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