Review: Gorilla Fronts by Chaunce Clothing

by Andy on January 29, 2008


I don’t usually wear review tees before writing the review, but I’d been unusually conscientious and taken both sets of Chaunce pics on the same day, meaning I could wear this one on a Saturday night out with my friends. On the whole, they liked it, there’s no need for me to tell them a story for them to understand it, and most importantly, I’ve never met anyone that thought a gorilla wasn’t cool. Maybe I should do test runs with every tee I get sent? That way I can judge it from a t-shirt obsessive’s point of view, and along get the view of ‘normal’ people.

Like I said in the above paragraph, gorilla’s are cool, couldn’t you just watch them all day? I wouldn’t want to be near a gorilla when its angry like the one on the tee, but hot damn I’d enjoy watching it on TV! I love the use of selective printing in the design, I’m sure that isn’t what you’d call it, but I wouldn’t really call it a high-contrast image, they’ve just printed enough to make it clear that this is a gorilla, and its pissed. I like the colourway, nice and subtle. Some of my friends did note that it was fairly hard to make out that it was a gorilla, although that was when we were under fairly dark coloured lighting in a club, so that might be an unjust slight on the design. And considering that in the black version of this tee the print is dark gray, I would say that its meant to be that way.

As with the other Chaunce tee I reviewed, this one feels good quality too (so the other wasn’t a one off!). Since I believe its a custom tee I guess you want to know about the shape. Compared to American Apparel, I think its ever so slightly wider, about the same length, a bit thicker and more heavyweight, the arms are about the same shape and its a little bit less stretchy. Basically, a slightly heavier fashion fit tee than usual. The printing is decent too, fairly thickly printed, feels as if its going to last. Much like the previous tee, this one also has Chaunce’s logo (a small gorilla) printed on the back lower right of the tee, and there is also a small, light blue tag on the sleeve, pretty unobtrusive, I actually like how it contrasts.Costiness=$24.99 Link

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