Downtree tee @ Palmercash

by Andy on January 30, 2008

downtree tee tee @ palmercash
I’m pretty sure I saw this design being worn by the slightly-less-nerdy one on not-that-bad-though-often-scientifically-inaccurate TV show ‘Big Bang Theory.’ I don’t really know why the tree is hanging down from the neck-line, but it is nice to see that kind of innovative and unusual placement when the shape of the tree trunk really lends itself to this kind of look, even if the tee itself isn’t all that exciting.

Costiness=$18.99 Link (use the code us46 to get 10% off your purchase)

  • Kevin

    I’ve seen a lot of shirts using the upsidedowntreehangingfromneckline idea. I actually think they look pretty cool.

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