T Bold Plaid Eclair by Triko @ Karmaloop

by Andy on January 30, 2008

T Bold Plaid Eclair by Triko @ Karmaloop
If I’d seen this tee at the beginning of the HYA ‘journey’ I’d have dismissed it off-hand as a tee for ‘those streetwear people.’ But nowadays I’m pretty open-minded, and even if I don’t have the cajones to wear a tee like this, I do quite like the way that they’ve mixed the traditional side of things (and made it monochromatic too, as if to emphasise just quite how old plaid is) and totally flipped it on its head by laying it onto a pink t-shirt. Its a bit of a pity that they don’t offer this in slightly more… subdued colours for the tee… maybe something in a pastel shade?

Costiness=$36 Link

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