HYA goes to Margin, you pick where else

by Andy on January 31, 2008


Next weekend I’m going to be making the long trek (well, 3 hours on the train) to London for Margin, a streetwear and directional tailoring trade-show being held in central London (February 10th, 11th & 12th). Hopefully I’ll find out about a load of new and exciting brands, so get ready for an invasion of British brands on the blog over the next month or so.I’m going to be down in the big smoke for three days, and presume that I’ll only be at Margin for one day, so I’m throwing my itinerary open to the HYA masses. I’m making up a list of stores that I have to go to. including checking out Concrete Hermit‘s latest show, Magma‘s Covent Garden Store, the Sunday (Up)Market (note: hangover dependent), the Design Museum, and wherever Yutaka tells me via this excellent website that Virgin seem to have had a hand in.

I guess that makes it look as if I’ve got a pretty busy schedule, but I’d still like a few more tips about great stores that you think I should check out. I’m no stranger to London as my brother lived there for a few years, I know my way around fairly well and I’ve done all the tourist stuff that I want to do, so I’m after interesting off-the-beaten-path type stuff. If you leave a comment or drop me an e-mail and I go there I’ll try and take pics and do some mini-reviews of wherever I’m sent, so if you own a store this could be potentially useful for you too.

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