Start Living by Dance Party Massacre

by Andy on January 31, 2008


It feels as if I’ve been meaning to write about Dance Party Massacre since last Halloween. It would have made a lot more sense since the DPM crew seem to be pretty obsessed with making tees that are all about the horror, whilst trying not to horrify you. But, I guess that since their front page says “everyday is halloween” it doesn’t really matter when I post about this tee.This tee doesn’t really have any of the references to classic movies like most of the other tees in their fledgling range, or even the spilling of copious amounts of blood, but I just really like it for some reason. There’s just so many ways that you can take this tee, be inspired by it, laugh at it, be pseudo-intellectual with it, or look at it as referential to those propaganda posters of WW2. The slightly worn look suits this colourway, I think it might have looked a bit stark if it was just flat colour.

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