Purple leopard hoodie (with ears!) as worn by Avril Lavigne

by Andy on February 1, 2008


Whilst Avril (who very cleverly didn’t change her name to become Mrs. Whibley) was at the beach getting papped in her bikini, I was happier to see her in this cute hoodie (not much happier, mind you!). I know that putting ears onto clothing is a dangerous business, you are pretty much leaving yourself open for mockery, but she’s famous so she can do pretty much whatever she wants, I guess.

I’ve done a bit of sleuthing around and can’t find this hoodie or anything that looks similar to it, but Avril does seem to wear some fairly nice hoodies that look similar to this, so maybe she’s wearing the same brand a lot which might make my hunt easier.

  • Krystal

    Ooo…such a cool hoodie. I’m gonna guess she probably got it from a small punk store or handmade :(

  • http://www.celebspeak.com Rebecca Brown

    please keep searching, i really love it and would love to know where she got it!!!

  • http://www.weetiny.com weetiny

    can’t tell, but it looks like an Emily Strange hoodie.


  • aryn

    omg i love her jacket!
    i wo nder were she got it at!

  • Christina
  • NylaNo

    Try http://www.attitudeclothing.co.uk/ they have got a lot of them…!

  • Sophio

    i also think its similar to emily the strange hoodies, they usually have little kitty ears on.
    They have some similar at http://www.tiger-lily.com

  • Kirsty
  • Me

    It’s from abby dawn, her own label (-:

  • Yoko

    I don’t believe this is from Avril’s own label, Abbey Dawn. If it is, it’s a seriously close copy to JSG (Japanese Super Girl)’s purple leopard hoodie which you could have previously purchased at Rakuten before Real Credge decided not to ship internationally. Funny, I was certain that Rakuten was an international shipping site.

  • http://www.missniko.net Nicole

    That is a JSG hoodie. Avril Lavinge is a fan of the JSG brand, and has also been seen in a similar JSG hoodie in black.

    I have the hot pink one, which I just blogged and posted pictures about on my site http://www.missniko.net .

    Here’s Avril in the black one(you can detach the fur trim):

    And here’s the purple version of that black one:

    The guy that owns this site, Euro Gal, ships internationally. Payment is made in Euros via PayPal, so if you’re from America(like me), it’s really expensive. My hoodie cost 59.5 Euros, which is a little over $82.

    Also, I didn’t know this when I bought the hoodie, the fur trim is real. =/ But Avril does have this hoodie.

  • Avril Fan !

    Well I see this hoodie is very popular !? I was searching for it everywhere and now I’ve got it.The same as Avril ! JSG I swear it’s amazing but my is pink so the color doesn’t matter.It so sweet cool and amazing to ! So I’m really proud of it ! ;D Don’t be jealous cuz I was doing everything to get it ! (searching at so many websites,chating with sellers and etc) So I don’t think there’s any chance to get it now. ! It’s overpast collection,it’s to hard.there’s no sellers ho have the same maybe alike like this one but not the same. Sorry I can’t help you. P’s don’t despair there’s so many alike hoodie’s like this one! :]

  • http://eurogal.sv1.sp-land.net/top/index.php jonny

    i find that one on eurogal :-)

  • Avril Fan !

    Really? Well yeah I saw a brown one in some Japanese site but I didn’t understand anything ;DD If you want so me with my Jsg hoodie here you go – http://manogalerija.lt/view.php?nick=brii&image_id=624632 :]

  • Avril Fan !

    If you want to see me not so me :D

  • Momarori

    I loved almost all the clothes on eurogal! ahhh… just need to save some money, then im goin crazy XD!!!

    thanx!! <3

  • http://yahoo.com elf

    avril,ayo ngocok ama aq !!

  • Erin

    Hi, I havn’t read all of the above comments as I am EXTREMELY tired, but I scanned a few an this hoodie is indeed her own brand, ‘Abbey dawn’, and can usally be found on Ebay. She also seems to sell through an American store names ‘Khols’.

    Thought this information may be of some use to you, however, she may have wanted to keep this one to herself:)

  • Erin

    Whoops, I thought that it was one of her own as she sells several designs similar to this. But guess I was wrong :P


  • meliss

    Abbey Dawn is the brand – available at Khols or Boathouse in Canada – it is her own line.

  • maddy

    heyy guys its not handmade she has her own clothing line called abbey dawn look it up and u can find her hoodies she has more with the ears(: hope i helped

  • #1 Avril Lavigne Fan!

    OMG!!! I love her killer style, its too die for! I’m inlove with her hoodie, I think she is a great fashion designer!!! : ) : ) : )

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