Embrace the mystery with Chaunce Clothing

by Andy on February 13, 2008

Straight from them:

From now until we release a new season, any customer of ours that orders 2 pieces (products) from the site, will receive a FREE MYSTERY SHIRT painstakingly picked by all of us at Team Chaunce. And yes, the mystery shirt will be of the same high quality and detailed production that we have built our reputation around. This is not a cheap give away shirt y’all. We will basically be picking a random shirt from our stock and sending it your way FREE OF CHARGE. Goodie Gum Drops!

For those of you waiting for the catch, here it is: In order to qualify for this special event, you must visit chaunceclothing.com and when you are placing your new order (2 pieces), you must include the following words in the comment section of the check out. Goodie Gum Drops

Let’s recap.

1. Go to ChaunceClothing.com
2. Place an order of 2 pieces.
3. Type Goodie Gum Drops in the comment section at check out.
4. Wait anxiously for your order to arrive and find out what your mystery shirt is.
5. Come back and do it all again!

Got it? Cool, now get on it! Their second season went on sale a few weeks ago, so you should have a while to take advantage of this offer, but I’ve got no specific dates.

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