Folklore Hoodie by Rare Device

by Andy on February 13, 2008

folklore hoodie by princess tina, available at Rare Device, Brooklyn, NY

When I saw this hoodie I got a little excited about it. This is a pretty special looking hoodie, the print looks really interesting, and there’s the oversized and largely superfluous button tab closure up at the top of the zip (for a cape-like look, apparently). Then I saw the price, $125, I know I’ve run more expensive things on HYA in the past, and will in the future, but it did get me thinking about the economy, so I’m going to try and hunt out some cheaper hoodies in the future so that when capitalism collapses we’ll all have something to keep us warm.

Costiness=$125 Link [via: Stylehive]

  • Tom

    I dont think the price is over excessive, the actual cost of printing an all over garment is pretty eyewatering, then you have to take no of colours, no of screens, films… the list is endless.

    I do wonder how the Americans manage to put tees out so cheap, I know here in good old blighty AA tees are not as cheap as they pay.. £2.80 ($5.60) over here that doesant include VAT, Handling, It also makes me wonder about printing costs.

    Can any American readers / companies share how they manage to put their tees out at $10-$15 and manage to survive?

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