14 Tees That You Shouldn’t Wear on Valentines

by Andy on February 14, 2008

A couple of weeks I told you about some tees that might be suitable for a valentine’s date. Now, I’m going to tell you about the tees that you really, really shouldn’t be wearing today, in fact, you probably shouldn’t be wearing most of these tees on any day. Oh, and whilst I haven’t listed any of their tees (it would have made the list about a mile long, and left me needing to wash myself repeatedly), I think it should be said that wearing anything from T Shirt Hell on Valentine’s is a pretty easy way to get a swift kick to the balls. And yes, some of these tees are affiliate links, but I kinda hope I don’t earn anything from this post.


1. Y’know, I just don’t think that a shirt that has anything to do with bukakke really sets the mood for a romantic evening. $13.99 Link

2. To be honest, if you find a girl that would actually go with that proposition, it’s not Valentine’s Day, it’s Christmas Day… $13.99 Link

3. I guess that all girls want their parents to get on with their boyfriend… $16.95 Link

4. This tee comes with a free slap in the face from everyone girl that you look at! $15 Link

5. This tee falls a bit short of the usual graphic standard that NerdyShirts achieves, so that’s just another reason not to wear it when going to meet xDeFiNiTeLyNoToLdGuy64x (that’s how teens in chatrooms write, right?) for what will probably be a very awkward date. $20 Link

6. I guess that this tee ain’t so bad, but maybe you shouldn’t wear it to a restaurant, and for some reason I just figured that gimps didn’t wear tees. $16 Link

7. Do I really have to tell you why this tee is a bad idea? $16 Link

8. Nothing says ‘I love you’ like telling a girl that ‘she’ll do’. $19.99 Link

9. I think that anyone who wears this on Valentine’s really isn’t expecting to get any action. $16 Link

10. This is a Threadless tee, so you might get away with it, if you’ve been with your girlfriend for a while. $15 Link

11. Part of me thinks that even if a woman that hot were coming onto me I’d have to rebuff her advances, due to such a ridiculous shirt (it would look even douchier on a guy, I’d bet). $18 Link

12. I love this tee, its a fantastic design, but sometimes red isn’t always romantic… usually when its meant to be blood. Except for that letter I wrote to Charlene with my blood, that was romantic. $24 Link

13. I’m sure she’ll appreciate it, but do you really need to let everyone else know? $19.99 Link

14. Unless you’re with ‘The Todd’ on Scrubs, run away from the wearer as quick as possible, and even if it is the Todd, running away might still be a good idea. $18 Link

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