New tees from Cotton Factory

by Andy on February 19, 2008

Remember those protests last week when people put Guy Fawkes masks on and had funny signs protesting Scientology (ha, as if you need that link)? Yeah, it was kinda weird, but I did think it was about damn time that someone finally took a stand… and copied V for Vendetta when protesting, seriously, how did it take this long?
Costiness=$9.99 Link
daydream harvester tee by Cotton Factory

This tee has no political or religious statement to make, as far as I can tell, its ‘just’ a well designed and executed tee with a slightly trippy concept behind it. I know which of the two I’d rather have in my wardrobe, but they’ve both got their attractive qualities.
Costiness=$9.99 Link

  • charlie

    isn’t the T-shirt a reference to 4chan?

  • Andy

    Which one? I’m not really a 4chan kinda guy so I don’t know.

  • Kevin

    It is.

    The first one.

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