Of Friends and Salad by Glarkware

by Andy on March 7, 2008

Of Salad and Friends by Glarkware

Let’s file this under ‘I’m really sorry I didn’t post this one earlier’, because I’m afraid that it was a limited edition pre-order (until Feb. 29th) and won’t be going on general sale, so we’ve all missed our chance. I thought it was still worth a look, even if it was just so that I could evoke a few Simpsons memories for you guys (conga line!). But hey, at least we get the treat of Glarkware‘s typically enjoyable blurbage:

Planning the menu for a dinner party these days is like walking through a minefield. Chances are that your guest list will include someone with severe food allergies; someone on an exotically restricted diet; a vegetarian; a vegan; someone who only eats raw; someone who only eats organic; and someone who keeps kosher. The odds that everyone will be able to partake of every dish are extremely slim. But lest you try to please the entire group with one lowest-common-denominator meal, don’t forget: you don’t win friends with salad.

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    hey! I like salad!

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