Industrial Re-Pollution by designgive

by Andy on March 10, 2008

Industrial Re-Pollution by designgive

And know this sounds like the lazy man’s way of thinking, and it isn’t really what I personally believe, but how much point is there really in people turning down their down a couple of degrees in winter and their A/C up a couple of degrees in summer if ‘big business’ continues to crap all over our planet at any given opportunity?

This tee seems like perfect subject matter for Design Give, the company that lets you (you? that’s me!) choose where a charitable donation goes from each sale, and I’m glad that they’ve finally released a politically slanted tee, because they know how to pick good artists, and we all know how amongst my many quests is the hunt for well design political t-shirts.

The tee should be available for sale now (at the time of writing it was on pre-order), but there’s only 200 of these bad boys available so be quick if you want one.

Costiness=$15/25 (tee/hoodie) Link [thanks, Uncrate]

  • Joe

    I believe it was pre-order only; currently available for pre-order (exclusively), however, is Fake Gagarin:

  • Christopher

    That is correct Joe, Fake Gagarin is the shirt available this week. However, we will be offering reprints of Industrial Re-pollution in the near future. right now we are focusing on offering a shirt per week available by pre-order only. Thanks for the post and support.

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