Quicktees: Save the planet with Bob Eco

by Andy on March 11, 2008

Save the Planet With Bob Eco

I’m pretty much snowed under with e-mails coming in from companies at the moment, because of being away on holiday and spending time not looking at my computer screen, so I’m going to start doing really, really short posts about companies, basically telling you to take a look at them and decide for yourself what’s cool. It’s not a perfect situation, but since I’ve got literally hundreds of links that I want you to see then I think this is a decent stop-gap solution for now.

First up, some tees with an environmental message from a brand Bob Eco. This Greece-based project is run by graphic designer Andreas Kioroglou, who decided to put his skills to use after being scared by ‘An Inconvenient Truth’, as we all were!

Bob Eco

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