Huff and Puff by LRG @ Karmaloop

by Andy on March 28, 2008

Huff & Puff Grey Wolf Hoodie by LRG @ Karmaloop

Sometimes I see a hoodie that is so ridiculous I can’t stop myself from posting about it. This hoodie is most definitely one of those times.

I guess that if this was a costume hoodie then I could have nothing against it, and I don’t want to be too negative because part of me applauds the audacity of LRG for producing a hoodie that attempts to make the wearer look like a wolf, but then I just can’t imagine a good time or occasion that I would want to wear it.

Huff & Puff Grey Wolf Hoodie by LRG @ Karmaloop

The red hood lining is pretty little-red-riding-hood-tastic though, so they have clearly put a lot of thought into this, although it would have been cool if the zip went all the way up so that you could close the mouth on the wolf and have a quick-and-easy Halloween costume, though I would presume that LRG were trying to avoid suggestions of costumery.

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  • Kamil Chmielewski

    You ever seen “The Village”???? This is what the hoodie reminds me of. Maybe that’s where they got the idea from. Either way, I would wear this hoodie just so I can take pictures of people’s faces when they looked at the hoodie. Ha!!!

  • Katie

    Haha I work at Exit which is a UK skate shop (stores in Manchester, York & Leeds) & we got this hoody in today from LRG. I think it’s immense! They should just make smaller sizes of guy’s LRG for girls, rather than the seperate girls brand (Luxirie) ’cause I’d wear it. But yeah, honestly is a nice hoody in the flesh, just a little wacky…

  • Andy

    Hi Katie, I know Exit, I’ve been to the one in Manchester (its on a road just off Picadilly Gardens, and Magma is on the same road?). I guess that with the hood down it wouldn’t be that crazy, but then I wouldn’t have had anything to write about!

  • Mikejay

    I actually bought this sweater. I live in Stockton,CA. I think its a pretty cool sweater. If you know how to wear it right.

  • Joey

    Mike where did u buy from ive been lookin for it n i cant find it anywhare

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