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April 2008


It’s getting told about events like this that make me wish that I lived down in ‘that London,’ (although scenery like this usually makes up for it).

Straight from their mailout:

eBoy, the innovative and seminal pixel art pioneers are exhibiting at Concrete Hermit in May. eBoy is a pixel art group founded in 1998 by Steffen Sauerteig, Svend Smital and Kai Vermehr. From their Berlin studio they create re-usable pixel objects and take them to build complex and extensible artwork. Their work makes intense use of popular culture and commercial icons, and their style is presented in three-dimensional illustrations filled with robots, cars, guns and girls. Their unique style has gained them a cult following among graphic designers worldwide, and they have worked with among others, named brands and companies such as Coca-Cola, MTV, VH1, Adidas, and Honda. They were also involved in creating the album cover for Groove Armada’s 2007 studio album Soundboy Rock.

Entire cityscapes, rich in detail have been created for London, New York, Berlin, Tokyo and this exhibition sees the latest city to get the eBoy unique visionary panoramic treatment: Los Angeles.

There will also be a chance to see the development of the Peecols – eBoy’s series of toys. These innovative toys have become highly collectable, and there will be the rare opportunity to see the Blockbob prototypes and special limited editions of the figures. Exclusive eBoy prints, t-shirts and products will be available at the exhibition.

The eBoy exhibition runs from 9th May – 30th June. Concrete Hermit Gallery, 5a Club Row, London, E1 6JX. Open 10am – 6pm Tuesday-Sunday.

Concrete Hermit
Concrete Hermit Gallery
My recent review of the gallery


3 new funny tees from Glennz

by Andy on April 30, 2008

legend_image.jpg deflating_image.jpg deep_image.jpg

All funny, all $19.95, and all available @ Glennz

If you want to keep up with the latest releases from Glennz and don’t want to rely on me for your info (I sure wouldn’t), you can follow him on Twitter, or subscribe to the blog.



My love of Space Invaders (mostly in its mosaic street-art form) is hardly a secret, I think its pretty amazing that there is a game out there that’s still popular, despite being older than I am, as Space Invaders is 30 years old, and 55DSL are celebrating this by releasing a t-shirt based upon the enduring arcade-classic.

It’s a very limited edition tee, seeing as it is only going to be on sale at a few retail locations around the world (list available on the 55DSL site), but the tee is being launched at the 55DSL store in New York tonight (April 30th) between 7pm and 9pm. Yup, that is pretty damned limited. I’ve attached the flyer for the event (beer is mentioned, not sure if its free or not!) as a thumbnail so that you can get the details if you’re interested, because I think you might need to RSVP. A game has been commissioned just for this event as well, which I’ve embedded below. Bizarrely, the game is not based on the original game, but does use the official characters.

The tee itself is pretty cool, a kind of ASCII take on the 55DSL logo made up of a typical scene from the game. No word on price, but its probably fair to assume that this won’t be going for $10.





I saw this tee and laughed, I think that’s enough to make it worthy of a post. I’m a sucker for mashups and parodies, and whoever thought of putting a political slant onto ‘Back To The Future‘ had a pretty bright idea.It really does seem as if Obama has wrapped up the vote of graphic designers in America, I see a lot more Obama tees than Clinton tees (no McCain ones at all…), and the Barack fans are usually better designed as well.

Costiness=$20 Link


Review: Resolution by Social T

by Andy on April 30, 2008


HYAs latest advertiser, Social T, sent a couple of tees over recently, which is great because it gave me a chance to make sure that I was still advertising a quality product, because I want you guys to trust the people that I let advertise on this site. I think it says a lot about Social T that even though they’ve already sent me a sample in the past that they wanted me to check out more of their limited edition tees.

For those of you that are unaware, Social T is a company that runs on the subscription model that is increasing in popularity. Basically, you can pay each month, or a prepaid plan (2, 3, 6, or 12 months) and a new tee will arrive on your doorstep around the 15th of each month. Social T will only print as many tees as they have subscribers for that month, so these tees are pretty limited edition, if you’re into that kind of thing. Of course, you do have to make a leap of faith with services like these since you don’t know what will be inside the envelope each month. I quite like being surprised when I receive a tee (I make a point of never picking a certain design when offered a sample), but I guess its different when you’re actually paying for the clothing. Luckily, Social T do have a style that they don’t deviate from too dramatically, so you can judge from their back catalogue of ‘issues‘ whether your style fits with theirs, and hopefully you won’t be disappointed at what you pull out of the package each month.


I know I said that the house style at Social T doesn’t deviate very much, but that doesn’t mean that they’re sticking to a certain type of design, I just think that if you like one of their tees, its fairly likely that you’re going to like most of them. Social T aren’t just making tees that look good (hey, they’re called ‘Social’ for a reason), they’re also meant to help spread the message about social issues and spark up a conversation, and they manage to do it in a way that isn’t preachy. For example, today’s shirt (Issue 15, January 2008) is a bit on the lighter side and has “I resolve to be a better human being” written on it, a lot, obviously as a reference to people making New Year’s resolutions, which isn’t exactly a hard hitting social issue, and as such doesn’t serve as a very good example for what I was trying to say, but I would imagine it could have been a pretty decent pick-me-up if I’d got this in the mail in mid-January just as I was starting to lose track of my resolutions and think that “one doughnut isn’t going to matter.”

Quality is impressive (shocking, I know). The stock tee is provided by American Apparel, so the vast majority of readers know what you’re getting there (soft cotton, sweatshop-free, made in Los Angeles, slim fit, hipster friendly), and the printing is good too. You can feel the print, but it certainly is not rough. I can also attest to the print on Social T’s goods being long-lasting too, since issue 13 is still looking good in my wardrobe with a distinct lack of fading. Instead of a custom tag or the standard AA tag, Social T have printed a tag inside the shirt which has all the expected details on it, plus a mysterious ‘rn#103255′, which I guess might be some kind of print number, so that you know its limited edition, but I could easily be wrong, it has happened before… once.Costiness=$32 per month (some prepaid deals are cheaper per month) Link

43.jpg 53.jpg 63.jpg 73.jpg


The Arrow St Hood by Ucon

by Andy on April 29, 2008


You can always spot a continental European streetwear company a mile off, can’t you? They just have a certain look and style, usually pretty simple styling, which somehow manages to be both loud and subdued at the same time, even though that is a complete oxymoron. Ucon, a Berlin-based streetwear label, are more on the subdued end of things, focusing more upon high-quality designs rather than something that shows that wearer to be craving attention. This hoodie for example, it’s simple, just two colours and a bit of striping for interest, but I like it, I’d like to wear it with a bright t-shirt underneath, a bright t-shirt that shows that I crave attention (now who’s an oxymoron!).Costiness=€69.95 Link

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Owl Movement Series 7 Teaser

Owl Movement released their seventh range about a week ago and I somehow managed to miss it despite receiving a couple of e-mails about the collection, so my apologies about that. Its a solid range of four new pieces, with some recognisable names doing the design work, none of which have produced designs for OM in the past, hurrah for keeping it fresh!Owl Movement


Executioners by Freshjive @ Karmaloop

by Andy on April 29, 2008


It’s not often that you see a hoodie which has shoulder straps on it, in fact I don’t think I can’t recall ever seeing one, which makes this hoodie from Freshjive quite the novelty. Other than the shoulder straps it is a fairly simple hoodie, with the exception of ‘Freshjive’ being written on the lower back, in a style which is a bit too gangster for me, but the black/heather grey contrast works pretty well.

Costiness=$112 Link (get up to 20% off your order by using the rep code AS7594 and support HYA in the process)


Review: Hand of Prey by Your Eyes Lie

by Andy on April 29, 2008


It’s always fun to get mail from unexpected places, and Thailand is one of those places. I’m pretty used to receiving mail from America by now, but the far East is still something of a novelty for me in terms of mail, and even though I know that Your Eyes Lie are a UK/Thai operation, I was expecting a package with stamps bearing the Queens face rather than a serious looking Thai guy. I’m sure the very mention of Thailand and clothes has immediately got some of you worrying about the conditions that these clothes were made in, but have no fear, these tees have nothing to do with little kids that have excellent sewing skills and a lot to do with a creative partnership between British graphic designer Ben Yarwood and Thai fashion designer Alisa Longsuwan.

I met Ben at Margin and we had a good chat about all things YEL and HYA, he told me all about the stresses of creating a tee to print on (no stock AAs here!), the significance of being picked up by Urban Outfitters, and gave me a better overall understanding for a brand that I knew I liked, but didn’t quite get.This tee is also something that I don’t quite get. The phrase ‘Hand of Prey’ is actually a Googlewhack, with the link going to a PDF about the History of Veterinary Medicine in the late Islamic Period… so I don’t think that’s where they got their inspiration from for this piece. But I think not knowing what it means is pretty cool too, t-shirts don’t necessarily have to mean something, and you don’t necessarily have to understand it if they do. The important thing is that they look cool, and undoubtedly this does, black and white tees always give you a lot of options when you’re pairing up your tee with something, which is why I like that combo so much.

Considering how much time YEL put into creating a quality t-shirt (I think they spent about six months testing and retesting different styles, cuts and material blends) its hardly a surprise that they’ve produced something impressive. The first tee of theirs that I reviewed is still going strong four months on, although you should bear in mind that since I own so many tees I don’t wear the same tee as often as most people do. It is quite a fitted shirt, and not particularly long in the body either, definitely a quality product, and the custom tags are a nice touch as well.

Costiness=£15.50 Link

42.jpg 52.jpg 62.jpg 72.jpg 82.jpg 9.jpg


Straight from their mailout:

Ten Billers,


What’s up lovers! We had a busy week but we’re back with good news. We were recently at an event and we had printed a design that was to be exclusively sold there. Well, we had a few left-over so we are offering them to Ten Billers. Because we promised to sell it exclusively at the event, we won’t be selling them but giving them away for free with the purchase of $30 or more.

1 – Add 3 or more shirts to your stash.
2 – In the comments section, answer this: FAVORITE ANIMAL = ?????
3 – Enjoy an exclusive limited edition t-shirt on us ;)

We have about a hundred or so left of these, so quantities are limited. We will add a Limited edition shirt of the same size as the majority of your order. If you’d like a specific size, then please include that in your Comment. Also, if we do run out, we also have some old Lucky Shirts to give away…

Head on over to TENBILLS.COM.

I’m sure you won’t struggle to find 3 tees of theirs that you like to be eligible for this deal, considering they just released that awesome robot-based range.

Ten Bills

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Oskar by Cheap Monday @ Caliroots

by Andy on April 28, 2008


I’m always surprised by how much Cheap Monday’s stuff costs, admittedly, Caliroots is a Swedish store and those Swedes always have to pay more than pretty much everywhere else, but I don’t think that a company selling a hoodie for $100 can really call themselves Cheap Monday.

It is a cool looking hoodie though, I haven’t featured an all over print for quite a long time and I think that raindrops, multi-coloured or otherwise, really lend themselves well to this kind of print. The print continues inside and outside of the hood as well, which is always good to see.

Costiness=600 SEK (around $100) Link


Gasmasks by We Are Industry

by Andy on April 28, 2008


As designs go, this one is pretty bizarre, but in a good way, so I’m cool with it.

I guess that the actual print is just a straight take off of a picture from the second world war, possibly a British picture, since Londoners (and maybe some other cities, I can’t remember) famously had to carry gas masks around with them all the time since there was a big fear of the Germans using gas during bombing raids.

Costiness=$18 Link

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The Bandit hoodie by Cardboard Robot @ Karmaloop

See guys, I told you that I liked funnel hoodies!I’m not actually all that excited by the pattern on this piece, it kind of looks like you’ve already had it for years when you first get the parcel, and the way that they’ve tried to match up the two sides going across the zip is pretty lame, but for some reason I still like it overall. Possibly because if I were going to be a bandit, I probably would own an old hoodie, and I’d probably be too busy dealing with bandit related business to be concerned with the pattern not lining up across the zipper.

Costiness=$105 Link (here’s something new, you can get up to 20% off your order by using the rep code AS7594, amazing!)


Friday Flickr Finds: Family Force Five

by Andy on April 25, 2008


Alliteration overload! Alliteration overload!

I’ve noticed a few blogs out there do a ‘Flickr Friday’ post where they write about something that they found on Flickr, so I thought I’d give it a go after spotting this great hoodie. I think its just a mock up, so not actually for sale, but it does look pretty cool, I’m sure you’ll agree. Hopefully the artist won’t mind me using this ‘all rights reserved’ pic since I’m full of praise for his design, and because the ‘blog this’ option had been left on the image.

Family Force 5 by Chris Rushing


Hollywood by Blood Is The New Black

by Andy on April 25, 2008


The link goes through to Urban Outfitters, so, y’know, sorry about that, since I assume most of you readers come to places like HYA to get away from Urban Outfitters, but I’m British dammit, and they haven’t invaded here yet (well, they’ve invaded a bit, but not much).I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, big rectangular prints are going to be a big deal this year, and I’ll keep posting them until everyone else believes me. I think the reason why I like this tee is because I’d like the image if I found it on Flickr or FFFFound, and washing out the colours and putting it on a tee doesn’t diminish its value as art, and I think this would look really great when you layer it up with pretty much anything, a blazer, a dress shirt, a zip-up hoodie or just on its own.Costiness=$19.99 Link


Question: Do we need more videos on HYA? Answers in the comments please.

Chelsea from Karmaloop TV got in touch with me about one of their latest videos, the one embedded above, which is all about the making of their latest ad for Missbehave Magazine. It’s kind of fun to see interviews with the models that I’ve been posting for the past couple of years, and the video is pretty funny, so watching it wouldn’t be the worst way to spend 3:19 of your life.

This vid also reminded me to check out some more of the content available on Karmaloop TV. I’ve gotta say that I’m impressed with the quality and professionalism of the vids, its way above what you’d expect, so if you’d forgotten about it or written them off in the past, pop on over and give it a second look.


All shirts on sale at A Better Tomorrow

by Andy on April 25, 2008

I can’t be entirely sure, since mein German is nein gut, but I think that the gang over at A Better Tomorrow are having some kind of sale on all their ABT tees, and that it might be called the HumpTee DumpTee sale. All the tees are €16 as far as I can tell, but I thought their tees were always €16?

Still, there’s lots of good tees to be had, so check them out.


Win a DBH tee courtesy of GearCrave

by Andy on April 24, 2008

GearCrave, a blog all about manly stuff that manly-men buy, are giving away 25 tees from super-awesome design compeitition Design By Humans. Usually with these kind of things you’ll tell them your size, get what you’re given and be happy about it, but this giveaway has a little extra treat that you actually get to choose which tee you win.

To qualify for a free t-shirt from DesignByHumans, you must sign up, choose, and comment. Here’s how:

* Sign up for the GearCrave email newsletter. (you can do so here)
* Choose the shirt you want to win at
* Comment on this page and include a link to the shirt you want to win.

The contest is running until “Sunday, April 27th 2008 at 11:59p.m.”, I don’t know what time zone that is though, so I’d suggest not dilly dallying and leaving a comment now before you forget.

Here’s their blog post all about it.


Sandra Light by Naketano

by Andy on April 24, 2008


Naketano are another of the brands that I bookmarked for posting years ago, only to forget that they existed, so when they got in touch a couple of days ago I was happy to receive the e-mail and check them out again. The simple yet pleasing style that I enjoyed so much when I last checked them out is still there, I’m happy to report, although the guys will still be a little disappointed to find that Naketano is still a no-go zone for us, unless you’re really skinny and can get away with womens clothing (most of the designs aren’t particularly feminine, though the cut probably is).

One really cool thing about this hoodie is that the stripes running across it aren’t actually printed, they’re stitched, which I think gives it a bit of a quality look. They’ve picked a surprisingly complimentary colourway for the stripes (pastels work together? who knew!) which is great for those of you that would like a bit of colour and brightness without going overboard.

Costiness=€74.90 Link

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