Exercising Demons by Vintage Vantage

by Andy on April 7, 2008


I think we all know that I’m a lover of puns, I’ll use them whenever I can, no matter how bad they are and how much they make my friends groan, I guess you could say I’m a pun addict (almost as much as alliteration), but you also might have noticed that I rarely write about clothing that has a pun-based design. They usually make me groan, and if they do make me laugh I feel a bit guilty about it because I’ve always been of the opinion that puns are just a cheap laugh when it comes to tees, but I guess that’s just snobbery, puns can be funny, people like them, so why should I just neglect such a large section of the tee-world?

Exercising Demons by Vintage Vantage

The Vintage Vantage team have come up with a great vintage-style image here. It really has the feel of an illustration that you’d find in an old book from the 70s that tried to teach you the proper techniques to use in a workout… except its some dudes from the underworld that are trying to ‘max the envelope’ and sculpt their guns.

Exercising Demons by Vintage Vantage

Vintage Vantage know what they’re doing when it comes to quality, you’ll struggle to find anyone else that comes close to them for trying to reproduce an authentic vintage-style t-shirt. The tees are soft and pleasingly stretchy if you need them to be, with a fade on the print that has more of a vintage-look than most distressed prints that you see, although I guess that might be because the image itself has a vintage illustration style to it. I found the tee to be a little bit long for my tastes, but since it is pretty well fitted and stretchy it wasn’t billowing around, so I didn’t find it too much of an issue. From my experience of the last batch of VV tees I received, they stand up well to repeated washes, although if you get oil on them whilst eating fried chicken then you might struggle to get it out, but admittedly that’s not exactly a regular tee test!

Costiness=$22.50 Links:Mens/Womens

Exercising Demons by Vintage Vantage Exercising Demons by Vintage Vantage Exercising Demons by Vintage Vantage Exercising Demons by Vintage Vantage 8.jpg

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