Bountee: New site preview and coupon codes

by Andy on April 11, 2008

Bountee/MySoti Preview

Remember when I got a mysterious e-mail that “definitely wasn’t from Bountee” which leaked some of their redesign? Well, I have an update on the situation… a screengrab of Bountee’s new site.

Two words: pretty, sexy.

More words: If you click on the thumbnail below and take a look at the entire screengrab rather than my teasing crop you’ll notice that along the top of the image is the word ‘MySoti‘, which stands for My Stuff On The Internet, which is a web 2.0 name if I’ve ever heard one!

From what I can tell MySoti seems to be the next evolution of Bountee, they describe it as “a place for you to create, share and sell your original artwork on the Internet”, or Bounteex1000=MySoti. If you go to right now you can add your e-mail to sign up for the beta. Along the top of the image it also says, ‘bibyu‘ and ‘byoodoo‘, both those domains link back to MySoti, so I don’t know what to make of that, perhaps they’re also acronym’s for new services, or maybe the Bountee crew were just having a bit of fun.

They’ve also got some coupon codes on the go to apologise for some downtime that occurred this week, one for 20% which will be active until April 20th, 80UNTEE, and one for 50% off which will remain alive for 27 hours and 44 minutes after this post goes live (so 12:44 GMT on April 12th) which is BOUN733. Enter either code into the ‘Gift Code’ box during the checkout to receive the discount.

Bountee/MySoti Preview Screengrab


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