Magic Jebus-Piece by Corner$tone Hero by Karmaloop

by Andy on April 11, 2008

The Magic Jebus Piece by Corner$tone Hero @ Karmaloop

I only picked this tee because of joke in the Simpsons where Homer shouts “save me Jebus!” for some reason. Seriously, that’s how I pick items for recommendation. I guess that the gold foil kind of attracted me to it as well… what can I say, I’m a foil addict!

I’ll just give you the blurb (which also contains the text of the print):

The Gbus Tee features a cotton composition, and a print on the chest of the illest deal on earth. A Magic Jebus-Piece for what? 19 Dollars! Get blessed with girls, money, more chains, and money! All of that for nineteen bills.

Here’s my issue with that, if you have “all that for nineteen bills” in the blurb, and “$19″ actually printed on the shirt, you should sell the tee for $19, not $36. I realise that its the ‘Magic Jebus-Piece’ that is being advertised as $19, but still, there just feel like there’s something wrong with having a price on a tee which is less than the price you paid for it, much like how I won’t wear anything with XXL on the print now that I’m not an XXL.

Costiness=$36 (ridiculous!) Link (get closer to that $19 with the rep code AS7594 which will get you up to 20% off and support HYA)

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