Blackbirds by Option-G @ Little Paper Planes

by Andy on April 15, 2008

Blackbirds t-shirt on olive by Option-G @ Little Paper Planes

Big rectangular prints on the front of a tee are.. err… big, this season, I’ve noticed them cropping up more and more recently and its a style that I’ve come to really enjoy. For me, there’s a feeling that they are a good way to put art onto a t-shirt, the print conforms to the standard shape/dimensions that you expect to see in a piece of art hanging on a wall, and because of this I think it gives artists a bit more freedom to play in terms of their subject, even if they might feel a little constricted in terms of placement.

Great use of negative space on this tee, and I really like the look of the red-to-yellow gradient, although it is often pretty hard to print a nice gradient so its a pity we don’t have real pictures of this tee rather than just the mock-ups.

Costiness=$25 Link

  • Beau @ Bare Apparel

    Nice colors– unexpected…

  • Sonja Laidig

    I’m looking for shirt # 1078 in moss.

    Thanaks for your help.

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