Smile Big Hoodie by Touma @ eno

by Andy on April 18, 2008


I’ve clearly gone a bit Asian with today’s product picks, first a tee from Hong Kong, and now a hoodie from a store in mainland China.This hoodie totally reminds me of the infamous Shark hoodie by A Bathing Ape, except happy rather than angry, and not a shark… so basically the only connection is that these two hoodies have a zip which goes all the way over your face, and a printed face on it. Meh, that’s still a connection!

Costiness=ï¿¥588 (about $84) Link

  • Toby

    Hey man nice post loving that hoodie

    Do you know were and what company would make it?

  • Andy

    Hi Toby, the link returns a ‘page not found’, and I can’t immediately see it on, but that site is in Chinese so I don’t really know how to navigate it.

    As the title says, this hoodie is made by a company called Touma, so at least I’ve been able to answer half your question.

  • Toby

    Thanks andy for the VERY quick reply

    I’ll have a wee hoke around the net

    cheers for the info

  • louis

    really want one of these hoodies! absolutely awesome!!!
    please tell me where i can get one…
    tried ebay, google and all of my best import sites with no luch… please help!!!!


  • James Lin

    Hey, this is cool, where do I find it?

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