Sequined Vishnu by Artful Dodger @ Karmaloop

by Andy on April 21, 2008


Apparently Vishnu is the “being responsible for the preservation of the universe,” so I’m pretty sure that if you’re going to make a tee about Vishnu then sequins are an absolute must!

I wonder how Hindu’s (right religion?) feel about people wearing a tee with their God on it when they don’t really understand what it is they’re wearing. You don’t see me wearing a tee with a picture of the Prophet Muhammad on it now do you?

Costiness=$49 (at that price I doubt you’ll see many people wearing this either) Link (get up to 20% of that price by using the rep code AS7594 at the checkout and support HYA in the process)

  • Kevin


    The color on the tee is really cool, the blue and yellow go together well.

  • tom

    This graphic is sick.

  • Andy

    Now that you’ve said Hindi, I feel like a total tool, how could I forget that!

  • Avi

    That’s nothing like what Vishnu looks like (speaking as a Hindu). Just thought I’d point it out: Vishnu looks like an exceptionally attractive young man. Sometimes he has more than two arms, but that’s about it.

    This design looks like a mix between Kali (who is sometimes portrayed with the crazy face and animal-like characteristics) and Shiva (who is blue). Kali is the goddess of Death/Destruction. Shiva is the Destroyer of Evils.

    Just throwin’ down some knowledge.

  • Andy

    Thanks for letting us know Avi, I hope you don’t think I’m too ignorant for not knowing that, it’s been about 8 or 9 years since I was taught about Hinduism.

    I guess that just reinforces my middle paragraph even more, how much of a douchebag would I look if I was wearing this tee, pretending to be ‘spiritual’ (don’t you hate it when people say “yeah, I’m very spiritual”), thinking I was wearing Vishnu and in reality it was just some mish-mash of other gods? Answer: a big douchebag.

  • ArupKumar

    Actually, That’s Garuda. He was Vishnu’s mount, however as Hinduism spread to the Orient changes were made to the God’s and their looks.
    i have the tee in black and red and I am wearing it to a religious event to see how many strokes I cause amongst the older generations :P

  • Andy

    Thanks for the info Arup, now I’m really confused as to who it is!

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