Terratag: More Mecha Madness

by Andy on May 2, 2008


Now we’re talking, Terratag are part of an exhibition, and for a change it isn’t in London! They’re involved with a show called ‘How Manga Took Over the World’ which is running until September 27th at the magnificently designed Urbis Gallery in Manchester (fact: I have waited for a taxi at 4am outside that gallery). I might actually get a chance to go to this, so if I do I’ll post a report.

The artwork that they’re displaying there has been made available as limited edition prints at the exhibition, online, and at their physical store on Brick Lane, London. But I know most of you aren’t concerned with an exhibition, you’re all about the tees, and luckily I can help you there too.

To celebrate the May Bank Holiday and (hopefully) a start to summer, Terratag has added a further 10 Robot designs to the Mecha range. With this release we are also offering 10% off – offer ends 09 May.

Also, if you are in London this weekend, print out this email and present it in the Terratag Store on Brick Lane… And, you too will get 10% off anything you buy.

Here’s the new robot designs.

Terratag [Photo CC licensed by tienvijftien]

  • http://blog.fantasticbonanza.com Joe

    I love how they incorporated Isaac Asimov’s three rules in the design! That’s pretty cool and perfectly geeky.

  • http://andrewbowness.com Andy

    I think that’s one of their really old designs (I just found it on flickr for the post), so it might not be one sale, although I did see it being copied in Hong Kong, so you might find it somewhere.

  • http://www.wizeguyztees.com Funny t shirts

    Very cool, I added you to my blogroll and I really like your work. Keep it up.

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