Mila Kunis Wearing A Hoodie = Excuse to post about Mila Kunis

by Andy on May 23, 2008

Mila Kunis Wearing a black Nightmare Before Christmas hoodie

I never really know what to write in these celeb posts because I’m not a celeb blogger, and I only really write them because I like to change things up around here in terms of content (and celebrities are traffic gold), but I’ve been a fan of Mila’s since the That 70s Show days (by which I mean I’ve thought she was hot since then), and she is wearing a Nightmare Before Christmas hoodie, so I thought I’d give her a bit of HYA love.

I haven’t managed to find an exact replica of the hoodie that she is wearing, but I have managed to find the same design as a zip-up hoodie at three different UK based stores for the same price, here, here, and here, may I recommend that if you want to pick it up then see how much shipping is at each shop and then you’ll be able to find the cheapest of the lot.

Mila Kunis Wearing a black Nightmare Before Christmas hoodie Mila Kunis Wearing a black Nightmare Before Christmas hoodie

[Photo credit: Hollywood Tuna]
  • dutch schultz

    It doesn’t matter who makes the hoodie, it just matters that Mila is wearing it and that makes it acceptable. You actually underestimate yourself though, you could be a great celebrity blogger if you wanted to. Good thing for us, your passion is in the clothing arena.

  • Andy

    Thanks for the compliment dutch, and thanks for letting me know that people don’t mind me blogging about celebs wearing interesting clothes.

  • Derek

    Andy, I like seeing what celebrities wear when they’re out in public. Like Dutch says, it only matters that Mila Kunis is sporting the hoodie. When ppl. see that, it starts a huge following.

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  • http://MilaKunisWearingAHoodie=ExcusetopostaboutMilaKunis Numan

    Where can I buy the exact hoodie that Mila is wearing.

  • Andy

    Numan, the post makes it pretty clear I don’t know where to buy the hoodie.

  • Kara

    At disneyland they sell hoodies almost identical to that.. haha.

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