Wooshka’s $1 sale is…. go!

by Andy on May 27, 2008

As if this very minute, the Wooshka $1 sale that I told you all about last Friday has started, so go go go!

Remember, only members can enjoy the $1 sale, so remember to sign up (can you buy stuff without being a member? I don’t know) although you can sign up at any point during the sale and still be eligible for the astoundingly cheap tees.


  • Krystal

    Well that was a marathon just to get the checkout to work :\ warning to everyone i guess, their server is going down a bit

  • http://andrewbowness.com Andy

    I thought that might happen, when I first heard about the sale I asked them if they were prepared and they thought they probably were, but that it was nearly impossible to tell just how much traffic they’d receive over the next couple of days.

  • Krystal

    yeah, it took me a good 20 minutes just to get to the paypal part, but it could be because i tried right when the sale started (and their clock started going into minuses xD)

  • http://wooshka.com Pat

    hey guys, had a big rush at the start, server had to come up for breath, everything is working fine now.

    Pat – Wooshka

  • http://andrewbowness.com Andy

    Thanks for the update Pat, get back on it everyone!

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