“R2 Manual” by Reece Ward @ RedBubble

by Andy on May 28, 2008

R2D2/Star Wars x Haynes Maunual mashup tee

I’m not sure how well this one will translate since I get the feeling that Haynes manuals might only be a British thing. For the uninitiated, Haynes produce manuals for lots of different cars (pretty much anything with an engine in it) so that people can do jobs on there cars that would otherwise have required a potentially costly trip to the local garage. I’ve got one for my little red beast (it looks just like this one, except a bit more battered and bruised), and it has helped me identify problems with it a few times. I really like the idea of Haynes mashup tees, they’re ripe for parody and famous robots or spaceships from science fiction provide decent fodder for them, as this R2D2 design attests.

Costiness=£13.32 Link

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