Take a look at Blokk, from the former Eastern… bloc

by Andy on May 30, 2008


I don’t think I’ve ever written about a Russian t-shirt site before, so I guess this is another country that we can cross off the map (if I had a map like that, which I don’t).I’d actually found out about Blokk a few months ago, bookmarked them, and then promptly forgot to write an article. Luckily I was reminded by the company themselves of their existence, and I decided it was about time that I did my bit to try and thaw Anglo-Russian diplomatic relations. If anything can fix things after we might have spied on them, and a Russian got radiation poisoning in Britain under dubious circumstances, I’m sure writing about an awesome t-shirt company will do the trick.

They’ve got 4 designs up for sale at the moment, and I’d describe each and every one of them as pure, unadulterated torso-candy. Three of them were done by an in-house artist (Klokki), and oneby a Ukrainian artist called Irena Zablotska (also known as Joulu) as their first collaboration ina . There’s no real unifying theme to the designs, both in terms of style and subject, which is surprising considering Klokki accounts for 75% of what’s available. That isn’t an issue though, since, as was previously mentioned, all the tees are chocked full of awesome.There isn’t a whole load of English on their site, but you should be able to work things out just by clicking around, and you can make an order by e-mailing them if you aren’t in Russia (and judging by my traffic logs, you probably aren’t).


blokkjoulu01-custom.jpg blokkjoulu02-custom.jpg momentum02-custom.jpg paper01-custom.jpg paper02-custom.jpg pills01-custom.jpg pills02-custom.jpg

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