EIO Clothing: Summer is finally here

by Andy on June 9, 2008


Excess is Ok again, because its starting to feel a lot like summer in the UK, and that means that EIO are comfortable freeing the beast that is their summer range. I’m happy to report that they have gone big with the majority of their designs, and also rectangular, which, as I’ve been telling you for months, is so hot right now. Gee, I really am gracious when I get things right, aren’t I?The price won’t be all that attractive to Americans at around £30 a tee, and I guess that us Brits might find them a bit pricey too since we can still taken advantage of the £:$ exchange rate (even if it has fallen a little recently). Although, even at £30 they aren’t bad value, my sample tee is still going strong after seven months even with such a detailed design, and we just have to accept the fact that things in Britain generally tend to cost more.EIO Clothing

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