Hands-on with Kozyndan x Puma Series 1

by Andy on June 16, 2008


I was in Manchester at the weekend for a fancy dress party (I went as Stalin, but got called anything from Private Pyle to ‘that guy from My Name Is Earl‘), and, as promised, I made a trip to Footlocker to check out the first in what is intended to be a multi-part series of collaborations between Kozyndan and Puma. I was actually pretty surprised to find the hoodie in this particular Footlocker since it seemed to be filled with chavs buying weak streetwear but I did find the grey hoodie tucked away in a quiet back corner of the store. I was also surprised that the price had already been knocked down from £54.99 to £34.99, I don’t know how old the design is, but considering that Kozyndan themselves were surprised to see the hoodie a week ago then I’d presume that it’s fairly new.

The design is typical Kozyndan, based upon a panorama that they have created specifically for the series (the related image is on a removable tag inside the hoodie), its not quite as colourful as their print work, naturally, but there are quite a few little dashes of colour around the hoodie that do make the grey-on-grey colourway look a bit more exciting. It feels like a quality garment, pretty much what you’d expect from a large brand like Puma, and whilst I didn’t drop the cash on it myself, I was mighty tempted. The hoodie can be found at most Footlocker locations in Europe.

Click through for more pictures.



Don’t look at the double chin, its just an optical illusion!


  • http://www.bastardandfriends.com derek

    i like how the street looks. very european!

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