On the hunt for a print on demand company that is ‘ethical’

by Andy on June 19, 2008

Irregular Times, who don’t appear to spend all that much time talking about tees normally, have taken a look at print on demand companies and judged them based upon where the stock tees come from, and how ‘ethical’ those suppliers are (American Apparel = good, Gildan = bad, for example) . I don’t know if its the best metric for judging where you set up your virtual shop, but it is certainly something that you should think about when using a POD website.

Irregular Time: Review of Eleven Websites To Design and Sell Your Own T-Shirts, Considering Shirt Source [via that other t-shirt blog]

  • http://irregulartimes.com J. Clifford

    Thanks for the note, Andy. I certainly don’t want to hit anyone over the head with the message, but consideration of the role of sweatshop labor sure is an important metric when it comes to the lives of the children that have been found working as virtual slaves in factories in countries like China and India.

    You’re helping to make that an element in people’s choices, and I appreciate that.

  • http://andrewbowness.com Andy

    Yes, its definitely an important metric, one of the great things about buying independent clothing from the people that I mention on HYA is that they’re usually printed on American Apparel or a similar brand, and printed by the artist themselves or by a local print shop, so you can wear it without the guilt that could be associated with a larger brand and their questionable sources.

  • Pete

    hi there, i’m confused!!!!
    i was planning on starting a new line of tees using Gildan, i’ve spent ages reading up on their labor practices:

    and the fact they’ve been a member of the FLA (fair labor assocation) since 2007, and i was ready to dive in thinking they were ok!

    what’s the real deal?? how can Gildan say they’re good to go yet j.clifford says otherwise?? help me out here!!

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