Monstar Clothing’s Summer 2008 Line has dropped

by Andy on June 26, 2008

monster1.jpg monster2.jpg

I guess that these tees might be a turn off for some of you simply because of the use of a logo, but I kinda like them. They have the look of a band tee, if Monstar were a band of course, and at least they’ve made the effort to try something different with the design of their name in each of the designs, so I think that if it were a crime to put your own name on a tee Monstar wouldn’t even get community service.

Monstar Clothing

  • David

    I wish there were better photos of the Monzilla tee – that one’s a really good use of his logo, I think.

  • Kill The Supreme Being

    The top tee is great, they’ve incorporated “The Misfits” skull logo really well.

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