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July 2008

It turns out that when I wrote about that Marx hoodie by Won Hundred a week ago that it wasn’t cheap by some freak administrative error, they’re actually having a big sale with some pieces up to 70% off, and considering Glass Boutique deal in premium labels this is a good opportunity to get top-class clothes at far more reasonable prices.

Glass Boutique


Time for a bit of lazy-blogging, here’s the press release:

This exclusive t-shirt is in line with Electronic Poet’s tradition of blending its fashion, art & science of music inspirations. Based on a traditional Family Tree, the t-shirt is hand drawn by hip illustrator Si Scott with the help of DJ and music journalist Ed Karney,. It shows how electronic music evolved, from cult pioneers Kraftwerk to today’s minimal heroes Matthew Dear and Luciano. The structure of the tree takes the form of stylized electronic wires and the result is totally unique and beautiful; the original artwork, ink on paper, was actually 1.5m in height before being reduced in size for the actually t-shirt design.

To celebrate Electronic Poet’s Autumn/Winter line (of which the Techno Tree tee is a part), they’re having release parties at Selfridges stores across the UK, starting this weekend in London.

If you’re that way inclined, head over to your nearest Selfridges store on the dates listed below to enjoy the Pioneer sponsored events, where you will be given guest list passes to club nights and entered into a competition to win a pair of Pioneer CDJ1000 digital turntables when you buy some Electronic Poet clothing.

London – Saturday 2nd & Sunday 3rd August (w/ Paul Woolford, Disco Bloodbath DJs, James Hillard and Simon Morell playing instore from 12pm to 6pm on the Saturday)
Birmingham – Saturday 23rd August (w/ Alex Shelton and Sub-An DJing)
Manchester – Saturday 9th August (w/ Unabombers, Andy Whittaker and Alex Morris providing the tunes)


tokidoki’s co-founder and Creative Director Simone Legno welcomed KarmaloopTV into the tokidoki studio for an exclusive glimpse into his methods and imagination.

Was I the only person that previously thought that Simone Legno was a woman, having never seen a picture of him and all the people I’ve met in the past called Simone being female?

Simone Legno interviewed by KarmaloopTV


Massive clearance sale at Random Shirts

by Andy on July 31, 2008

It really feels as if I’m just writing about sales at the moment, but for some reason the t-shirt world seems to have gotten sick of looking at their stock this week, so I feel compelled to post the news if it means you guys can pick up a bargain for summer. Here’s the over-excited blurb:

We are making some serious room in the Random Warehouse for bigger and better things! We need to get these items gone quick, so we’re giving you up to 40% off on ALL Girly Tees, 50% off on ALL Winter Wear, and up to 40% off on a LARGE selection of Regular Tees! When we say LARGE selection of Regular Tees, we mean a HUUUUUGE selection! Don’t be selfish, help us get these shirts gone by telling all your friends, they deserve great shirts at amazing prices too!!

On top of our MASSIVE clearance sale, our regular shirts are still 20% off for a few more days! Don’t miss this opportunity to really score some GREAT shirts at INCREDIBLE prices!

Random Shirts


Up to 40% off at Assault Shirts

by Andy on July 31, 2008

I guess this is the week for short sales, because Assault Shirts have gotten in on the act by knocking up to 40% off loads of the gear in their store. I’ve been told that the sale will go on until “the end of the week,” I’m not sure if that means until Friday or Sunday, so if you want to buy something it would probably be best to presume that the sale will end on Friday.

Assault Shirts


Let me start this post by apologising, because this tee sold out over a month ago, but I didn’t find out about it until a couple of days ago, so there wasn’t really a lot that I could do.

When the FBI release files under the Freedom of Information Act they often blank out certain pieces of information that it has been decided need to be kept secret, usually the most exciting parts, which can often result in files that look like the one in the t-shirt about the FBI file of Pablo Picasso (whose birth name was… “Pablo Diego José Francisco de Paula Juan Nepomuceno María de los Remedios Cipriano de la Santísima Trinidad Martyr Patricio Clito Ruíz y Picasso”). I really like the like the idea of an administrative file about an artist becoming art itself.

Costiness=$? Tee Link [Rumplo Link]


6 new tees from Camiseteria

by Andy on July 30, 2008

You know who people don’t talk about enough? Camiseteria. I know that their site being written in Portuguese is something of a hurdle for us mono-linguists (hint: look at the link URLs, they’re written in English), but if you haven’t checked them out before click on through and marvel at some really pretty darned awesome t-shirts from this Brazilian design contest.


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Costiness=$9 Tee Link (available for 13 more hours at the time of posting)


Don’t Run Over Me, Take Off instead

by Andy on July 30, 2008

Take Off are an Australian company that have cool design, a cool website (even if I can’t link directly to the products) and really cool product pictures, so everyone’s a winner!

Putting a tyre tread onto a t-shirt isn’t exactly the most original idea in the world, but they’ve executed it really well, and at least they’re using a colourway that doesn’t involve a black tread print.

If you’re after a bit of originality (I’ve never seen an ASCII tee), check out this awesome ASCII lion.

Take Off Clothing

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Bloodgold have got your back

by Andy on July 30, 2008

I know I go on and on about how I like oversize prints, flashy colours and foil, but I can also enjoy designs that are a bit smaller and subtle, and I think that Bloodgold’s tees fit into that category. The Cologne-based company doesn’t do anything too crazy with their designs, they’re simple and polished, but I really like the way that they integrate neck printing in so many of their designs since you don’t see it on that many tees.



Happy Birthday Design By Humans

by Andy on July 30, 2008

I would have sworn that DBH weren’t a year old, I still think of them being the new tee company on the block, but there it is, July 12th 2007, the first mention of Design By Humans on Hide Your Arms.

What’s the best way for a t-shirt company to celebrate? With a sale of course! All the tees are $12 (… and up), and all of them are on the front page of the DBH site to make it easy for you to pick out what to buy. The birthday sale is running until Midnight (Pacific time) Friday (August 1st). What’s the deal with all the short sales at the moment? Surely its prejudiced against us lazy and indecisive people.

Design By Humans


District Cotton have got a site wide sale going on at the moment (they also have a fairly nifty blog), which lasts until the end of July, which doesn’t give you all that much time to dilly dally about what you want to buy. Printed tees are going for between $5 and $9 each, and the blank hoodies are on sale too.

District Cotton

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I wonder how Wrongwroks can possibly eat or drink anything with his tongue placed ever so firmly in his cheek all the time.

I really like the new hat with the dots on it, but I’m not so sure about the tee with tennis ace/hotty Maria Sharapova chowing down on a banana rather suggestively, I can’t see myself wearing it, but I guess that it does fit with Wrongwroks ethos.



Super Hot Summer Sale at Monsieur T.

by Andy on July 29, 2008

For the next three days you guys and girls can get 40% off all apparel and hats at Monsieur T.


Before I talk about Electric Zombie, may I just applaud myself for what I think might be the cleverest post title I’ve written in a long time?

Electric Zombie have got some really cool designs, many of which can be seen in the gallery above, which vary from downright gruesome bloody faces to the hilarity of cartoon-y body parts emerging from some kind of green ooze. You couldn’t accuse them of being shrinking violets either, almost all the designs have an oversized print, which I think really works well with their style. The prices are decent too, never topping $20 and a couple of tees are just $6.13.

Electric Zombie

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Keep it simple with Violent Elegance

by Andy on July 28, 2008

Violent Elegance released a couple of new designs called, appropriately enough, Skull and Pyramid, which I figure is because one of the tees has a skull on it (with Mickey ears? scandalous!) and the other two have a pyramid on them. I like the way that they keep it simple (hey, that’s from the title!) and minimalist, especially with the black-on-black and white-on-white colourways.

All Violent Elegance tees are €32, which is a fairly premium price, but that does include worldwide shipping.

Violent Elegance


Halterneck Hoodies from Dressed By Danni

by Andy on July 28, 2008

It has a hoodie, but it doesn’t Hide Your Arms (or even your back), I’m so confused!

My lady friends asked me last night what I do when I’m blogging about women’s clothing since I don’t really know much about it. I told them that being able to understand sizings (note to self/men everywhere: never attempt to guess a woman’s tee size when giving them a sample tee) isn’t really that important, if I like the look of something I’ll write about it. I certainly do like the look of these halterneck hoodies, and since the handmade garments one size fits all (between 8-14) I couldn’t possibly embarrass myself when giving gifts to my girls.

I must admit that I don’t think all of the styles work as well as others, this ‘beach bum‘ one is a bit too much of a hippy-ish look for me, and I’m generally not a fan of leopard print, but otherwise I’m impressed by Danni’s patern choices, and there’s always the option of having a custom one done if nothing tickles your fancy.

Dressed By Danni


Japan 02 by rimo-to at Burp! Boutique

by Andy on July 28, 2008

You can probably guess what my biggest gripe with this tee is, the product photo is way too small to really appreciate the (presumed) details of the design, but I’d still bet that it looks cool. From what I can tell, the design is made up of many little pictures of famous aliens and monsters from Japanese films and television shows, which I guess makes it a bit of a conversation in the same way that Chop Shop‘s recent ‘we’ series has..

Costiness=£20 Tee Link


She may think green is the new black, but apparently has no problem putting what appears to be a magazine (or some other paper-based item) into a plastic bag. I’ll give Kim K the benefit of the doubt and naively believe that she is reusing a previously used bag rather than destroying the planet (although I guess all the petrol used by the paps following her around would be worse than one plastic carrier bag). The tee is available from The Emperors New Clothes.

I think I found this photo on the Superficial.


I really wish I could tell you where this tee came from since its just sooooo cute, but I don’t even know where I’d start, does anyone recognise the artist? I’m sure I’ve seen this style somewhere else before.

Photo credit goes to James Cann, who has all rights reserved on the pic, but hopefully understands that people need to see a talking hot dog wearing a cowboy hat.

*In the comments Andre (of Huzzah Goods fame) tells us that the tee is by Loyal Army, and whilst I can’t find this exact tee in their shop, I have found a French/Mexican one that has a pack of French fries saying “Bonjour” and a taco saying “hola”.


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