The Future of the Past was Perfect if you ask Allmightys

by Andy on July 10, 2008


Here’s another great theme for a design competition. Allmightys latest competition has the name “Future-Past-Perfect”, you may be wondering waht the devil that means. Well, how about letting Allmightys explain:

“…refers to a time that is in the future, relative to another point in the past, but is in the past relative to a point in its future.”

We would like you to think of the future as imagined in the past and how and what we expected to be has become somewhat different. Think future in relation to the past, think memories, challenges, imagination, expectation, disappointment and the future that lies ahead of us. What have we learnt and what should we expect?

Competition announced: Monday 7th July 2008
Submission Deadline: Monday 25th August 2008, 23.00 GMT
Voting Ends: Friday 29th August 2008, 23.00 GMT

I’m sure I’m not the only person who thinks its fun to take a look at where people in the past thought we’d be by now. If you’re after some light inspiration for this theme, may I suggest you check out Daniel H. Wilson’s book Where’s My Jetpack? Which is a fun overview of all the technology that was promised to us in the 60s (jetpacks, food pills, moon bases, etc.) which never arrived. Or if you don’t feel like dropping the cash (the book is beautifully designed by the way, very shiny), you could always check out a cool blog I found called Paleo-Future that is all about this subject, and a fun read too. If that isn’t enough inspiration for you I don’t know what is, so go and let your imaginations run wild, because this theme seems like a lot of fun.

As is often the case with Allmightys competitions, €1 from the sale of each of the winning designs will be given to charity, in this case Greenpeace will be receiving the donations.

Read this info (minus my delightful commentary) again at the Allmightys blog, or check out the competition’s dedicated page.

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