Kim Kardashian’s “this is not a photo opportunity”… photo opportunity

by Andy on July 11, 2008

Kim Kardashian Photo Opportunity t-shirt

Here’s the thing, if Kim Kardashian wears a t-shirt that says “this is not a photo opportunity” in big bold letters, surely she’s only wearing it because she knows (or her publicist has organised) that the paparazzi are going to see her and take pictures of the supposed non-photo opportunity. I guess that in a way she’s right, a woman going shopping isn’t really a photo op, but making a fuss about how you don’t want to be made a fuss of doesn’t seem like sound logic to me.

Kim Kardashian Photo Opportunity t-shirt

Or perhaps, just perhaps, Kim is a big Banksy fan?

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  • Al

    I read this quote the other day that went something like this: A celebrity is someone who spends their whole life trying to be known and then wears sunglasses to avoid being recognized.

  • Dobizo Fashion Network

    I swear i’ve seen this design before. Either way a good way to get the celebrities wearing your clothing…

  • Derek

    i dont care…if i see Kim Kardashian im snapping away! lol. cool shirt!

  • jean

    What kind of sunglass is that???????? anyone know the brand??????

  • T Shirts

    Kourtney Kardashian is way hotter in my opinion.

  • Andy

    Gino, you’re a mad man!

  • athenaky

    does anyone know what type of sunglasses they are?

  • melatoningirl

    Kim Kardashian has great booty and she has this exotic but very beautiful face that i admire.

  • Arthritistreatmentlab

    Kim Kardashian is super duper sexy. just check out her boobies and booty.

  • tribal butterfly tattoos

    She’s soooooooo pathetic… I couldn’t stop laughing….

  • Theresa

    i envy the body of Kim Kardashian. for me, her body is so perfect and i really love her big boobs.

  • Arthur

    Kim Kardashian is so sexy. I love her exotic beauty and her voluptous body. I only wish that she was taller though.

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