Can I post about another Barack Obama t-shirt line? Yes I can

by Andy on July 15, 2008

Barack Obama T-shirt by Thriving Ink

Thriving Ink, who spend most of their time producing some really rather beautiful illustrative tees, have collaborated with AJ Dimarucot to produce a line of t-shirts all about Barack Obama that they’ve called ‘Hope is Dope’. Its amazing just how many brands are producing designs and lines about the man who has Hope, I wonder if people will still proudly be wearing them in a years time, or perhaps Diesel Sweeties have hit the nail on the head?

Thriving Ink

Catch the Thriving Ink press release after the break.

Thriving Ink Clothing Company, the independent artist collaborative has
released the limited edition “Hope is Dope” collection by Artist, AJ
Dimarucot. Promoting Barack Obama’s message of hope and change, Thriving Ink
will be donating a portion of the proceeds to Gawad Kalinga, an organization
near AJ’s heart that is dedicated to alleviating poverty in the Philippines.
The “Hope is Dope” collection is in true spirit to Thriving Inks’ credo, “Be
a Human Canvas, Wear What You Feel.” Through global artist alliances,
Thriving Ink transforms the canvas into wearable art as a platform for their
10 plus artists to connect with their audience and build more exposure for
their work.


    I guess over the coming months we’ll see even more Obama T-shirts, yet the McCain T-shirts are conspicuous by their absence. Is no one make them or doesn’t he appeal to the T-shirt crowd?

  • matt

    It seems like there’s a lot out there, but when you get a chance check out our stuff. We’re graphic designers by trade, but we have some experience rockin’ t-shirts and came up with three Barack concepts: Solid As Barack, Gay For Barack and Hot For Barack. Check it….

  • GK

    I thought that you should know that the 1st GK Global Summit held at Boston last June 12-14 is a big and a historic success! I’m not able to be there but according to their website, there are almost almost 700 delegates from the US, Canada, Singapore, Malaysia, India, Columbia and the Philippines who joined the event. This is a very good news to everyone!

  • Andy

    Thanks GK, I was really concerned that the 1st GK Global Summit wasn’t going to be a success, but your completely off-topic comment has put my mind at rest.

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