The City Letraset by Allmightys [Review]

by Andy on July 15, 2008


This tee isn’t getting a traditional review because it wasn’t sent to me as a sample, it was sent as a thank you for a bit of non-clothing related help I gave them (who’d have thought my almost-encyclopedic knowledge of Amsterdam’s hotels would get me some tees?). But since quite a lot of you probably don’t have any real world experience with Allmightys I thought I’d take this opportunity to let you guys know what a quality product the AM team put out. If you’re thinking “who the hell are Allmightys?” then head over to their about page to get a refreshingly honest overview of the company. In a nutshell though, they’re a t-shirt design competition based in Europe that give part of each sale to charity.

I wore this t-shirt last night when I went to the pub quiz (4 points of winning, boo!) and didn’t really expect to get much reaction from it since its a fairly subdued colourway and you really need to look at it for a while to really appreciate the design. But, in a highly unusual move, not one, but two of my friends were transfixed by the design, just staring and staring at it, which actually gets slightly uncomfortable after a few seconds. One of them even wanted to buy it off me, despite it being on sale at Allmightys, her being a girl, and definitely not a size XL. So, I guess its fair to say that this design gets a positive reaction.

Allmightys pretty much delivers on every front. The print quality is great (and a design like this does give it a decent test), the tee is the industry standard of American Apparel, they’ve got great designers submitting to their competitions, and those designers get well compensated. I know this is a rather fawning review, but I’m really impressed with their whole setup and I glad that I can give them two thumbs up.If you fancy getting hold of a couple of Allmightys tees, they’re holding a mini-contest (running until 28th July) in which all you have to do is write a short comment about the future, as imagined from the past, and if they like it you might end up with an envelope making its way to you from Germany.

Costiness=€21 Tee Link

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