Printed raincoat by Gene Ho

by Andy on July 16, 2008


I don’t actually think that its possible to buy this raincoat, it seems like more of an art piece to me (in the context of the artists other pieces), but I really like the idea.Check out a small bio at Culture Push [via The Trendy Girl which I got to through notcot]
  • Kevin

    Wow, I love that raincoat! It would be really cool if they had a whole line of them coming out.

  • taddict

    pretty cool concept – it would sell well if it was possible to buy

  • Kevin

    Another Kevin? Things are going to start getting a lot more confusing.

    I would buy this raincoat, which is pretty big because I’ve never bought a raincoat in my life, they all look horrible

  • Andy

    I’m not usually a raincoat kinda guy, they’re a means to an end really, no one expects to look good in the rain. The last one I got (which looks surprisingly cool) was probably about a decade ago in French Connection, it was 80% off, but still £20, bargain!

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